Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Stuff I didn't know

Preface-This post (while they may not read it) is dedicated to my straight female friends and all the straight girl stuff they inadvertently reveal to me in ordinary conversations.

Ever have those moments where you realize you didn't know something?  But more importantly you didn't know you didn't know until you knew?  [ponder that for a moment]  Anyway, now that you are done pondering, here is something that I found out I didn't know I didn't know up until about a year ago.  I was hanging out with a bunch of my straight friends having a movie night, and since we vote on movies, I was far out-voted into watching some random (yet exactly the same) chick flick.  (I'm much more an action/comedy/drama/suspense kind of movie person...but I'll succumb to the occasional chick flicks for the sake of my friendships.)  We were talking about movies, and somehow got on tho the topic of our favorite childhood Disney movies.  One girl made the comment that she use to pretend she was Jasmine in the movie.  Here is the gist of what followed, I don't remember which person was talking so we will just call them F for friend. (Anyone else just have a Sesame Street flash back?  You know...F is for friend, it's good enough for me.  Oh, F is for friend, it's good enough for me.  Friend, friend, friend starts with F!  Sorry, back on track)

F-I used to pretend I was Jasmine.
Me-You mean Aladdin.
F-Yes, Princess Jasmine from the movie Aladdin.
Me-No...wait, explain that again?
F-When I was a little girl I would pretend I was Jasmine and that Aladdin would come and take me on adventures.

At this point other people started talking about which Disney characters they would pretend to be in different movies.  I however, sat quietly taking it all in.  Here's what I learned I didn't know I didn't know...straight girls wanted to be the princess who was rescued by the prince....they didn't want to be the prince who rescued the princess.  Who knew????? I mean clearly not me or else I would not be writing this post.  Apparently, the same holds true today.  When we are watching a chick flick they superimpose themselves on the female lead (get your dirty minds out of the gutter) I however superimpose myself onto the male lead who rescues the girl. 

Um, this is helpful information people.  Someone could have clued me in to this useful little tidbit.  Maybe then it wouldn't have taken me so long to realize that I'm a big mo and would have saved me years of uncomfortable relationships with men, therapy, self-esteem issues, and a confused sense of self.  I mean, how was I to know that not everyone thinks like me, it's not like I can read minds here.  When I realized this was how straight girls think it was as if a giant light bulb went off and it made so much sense why they like chick flicks so much, and why I like action/suspense.  

So my question to you faithful (or first time) readers: What is something you didn't know you didn't know until you knew?  


SheA said...

Heya Jersey-first time reader here..heheheheheheheh

nooooooooooo - you know I'm all faithful--- awwww faithful- now the song "Faithfully" by Journey is in my head, but I digress...now speaking of songs...actually when you were talking all ..does anybody else have the sesame street moment- the spark that flew into my brain was the sponge bob moment where he's trying to 'splain FUN to plankton....

"fun is when you ...fun is..its like...its kinda...sorta like uh...what is fun...lemme spell it for ya....F is for friends who do stuff together...." *smirks*

pondering for a moment.....

Hmmmm...yaa....let me seeeeeeeee.......... uhhhhhh....

^ that's me pondering^

Ok here is one thing I had no idea. Straight girls take showers together and not in a TAKE A SHOWER together sorta way...just in a I gotta get clean sorta way...WHO KNEW??????

**** super imposes my dirty mind on the shower******

ps I love it when plankton says...wait, i dont understand this, i feel all tingly inside, should we stop.....

and um , yes, still dorky

The Surprise Dyke said...

haha...I love you have Sponge Bob moments....my brain competes between Sesame Street and Big Daddy, one of those two will usually have some convoluted connection to whatever is being talked about.

Lezlie Mac said...

I pondered in the gutter for a while...
First timer here, says she didn't know until she knwew: that she was gay...!!
With all the heterotten relationships, confused sense of self and therapy too...

That aside, I also didn't know until I knew that girls like funny, for real, not only in book. Note to self: be funny.

The Surprise Dyke said...

Welcome Lezlie Mac! Very true, it sounds cliche but we like the funny.