Friday, September 26, 2008

Just Decided

I was walking in the hall today going to pick up my kids from computer class when I decided...I walk like a lumberjack.  Now, I have never actually met a lumberjack (but I would LOVE to because as a kid I thought it would be an AWESOME career choice), nor have I ever really watched lumberjacks walk.  Nevertheless, I've decided that my gait would look completely natural if I was schleping down the hall with an ax thrown over my shoulder....just a personal observation I thought I would share.


SheA said...

2 things Jersey-

#1 this is kinda funny.(IMO) I was trying to make it through my 16 hour day, at around hour 12 or 13I decided to see what rambling adventure might be happening in your world. One of the nurses who was standing on the other side of the counter talked about how she --slept like a log last night-- this is at almost the EXACT time I read " AWESOME career choice" ...funny ( well at least in my head )

#2 Lumberjack World Championships are held every year in WI- bet there's plenty o' AWESOMENESS happening....

The Surprise Dyke said...

Um, yeah, I'm totally addicted to the Lumberjack World Championships every year on ESPN2. That and the other "unique" championships-Left handed Arm Wresting, Jump Rope, and Juggling...(cue sing-song voice) LOVE THEM!!!