Sunday, September 28, 2008

Simple Pleasures

One of the simple pleasures in life are sing-along movies.  Now, not every movie is designed to be a sing-along, but does that stop me?  Not a chance!  If it's a musical, I'm watching it in sing-along version a.k.a. closed captioning.  It's all the things you loved about sing-along movies as a kid without the distracting ADD bouncing ball.  Personal favorites--Newsies (how can you not love this movie!), Mary Poppins (Michael Banks is a total stoner...don't believe me?  Watch the movie again and pay attention to stoner) and The Muppets Take Manhattan (but you already knew that one would be on the list).  It's a simple pleasure for my friends and I, and after a couple of drinks we NEED the words, despite how many times we've watched these movies.  Just a simple pleasure for you to enjoy from my crew to yours.

P.S.-Does anyone else have the time you post things way off?  Mine always says it's posting like 4 hours earlier than it actually is here.  Right now it's around 2:15...yet that is not what it says.  Just wondering if it was my computer or a general Blogger thing.


SheA said...

Numerically Speaking
3 things-

#1 Jersey- please don't hate me, but, *ahem* I have never seen the movie Newsies, for realz, I haven't. Maybe if I am ever in your neck of the woods we can hang out and watch it with yer gay posse, straight roommate and awesome parents....

#2 Following along with the sing along movie theme-- a coupla a favorites- Godspell, DreamGirls,Grease and Fame- I do an AWESOME interpretation of the "Hot lunch jam" scene- dancin all over the tables and junk...*smirks*

#3 I think it's a general blog thing and not your computer, or you- because I just finished a post at approximately 1:40 PM cst and I believe the time indication is 12:20 pm....

later days

The Surprise Dyke said...

GASP! Ok, you need to get to blockbuster and rent it. It's an early 90s Disney musical about boys who sell's better than it sounds, honest.

Here is a YouTube link to peak your interest

A fun game is picking out the dancers and actors in different numbers...there are very few in the movie who can do both.