Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Bathroom Line Conversations

Today a former student of mine who is now in fifth grade had this conversation with his teacher while waiting in line to use the bathroom after PE. My class was running late and we were alternating students so mine could go after lunch.

Boy: Well, I won't be stinky today!
Teacher: That's good.
Boy: Yup. My mom sprayed me with strawberries and cream body spray so I wouldn't smell bad.
Me: [choking on my full mouth of water. Trying to swallow and not die of laughter.]
Teacher: (doing her best to hold in the laughter) What did she spray you with?
Boy: Strawberries and cream body spray.
Teacher: You know that's usually just for girls right?
Boy: Nope. It's a manly smell. It's definitely not for girls. She sprays it on me everyday before school, that's why I smell so good.

Strawberries and cream body spray: a manly smell for your stinky fifth grade boy.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Exciting News!!!

It's your slacker blogger here with exciting news!!!!

We are closing on our house Friday and moving on Saturday!!!!

Happy dance, happy dance, happy dance :-)

Don't worry, I have been writing down funny stuff my students have said/done and will be posting more soon. Preparing to move has been WAY more stressful than I anticipated and is taking up almost all of my free time...along with preparing my lesson plans a week in advance in preparation for the crazy that is about to occur.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Deep Pain and Great Loss

I'm trying to find the words to articulate how I feel right now. I'm doing my best to prepare lesson plans for next week while I am back home in Jersey. Two days ago I received a call from my mom telling me news I could not have prepared for, and have only begun to fully digest. Please forgive me if my rambling is more scattered than usual. I have not had the ability to talk or express much of my pain inside without breaking down.
A man who I have considered my brother (E) for the past 20 years was found dead in his home-he wasn't even 45 years old. His partner (B) of 23 years, who I have also called my brother for the past 20 years, was the one who devastatingly found him after being gone for a weekend trip. I can't believe it. I truly cannot believe this has happened. This couple was one of the real ones. The ones who were supposed to grow old and gray and go on senior cruises. The couple who fell in love in high school, had the gentlest, most kind hearts, and built a life and love that was the envy of all who had the pleasure and honor of knowing them. I may be bias (after all he was my brother) but I have never, ever heard any negative word spoken about him. He was just that man. The man who served his community, loved his friends well, and took care of everyone...but himself. E had some health problems that B was asking him to get checked out. E said he would...when everything else was taken care of and he had some time. I know how much I hurt right now, and I cannot begin to understand B's pain. His status says it all, "He was my everything."
B called my mom and through his tears talked about, of all things, my wedding. How they never got theirs, how much they wanted it, talked about it, but never did. E's family didn't approve, didn't recognize their relationship and while they bought rings 3 years ago they never had a ceremony to proclaim their love and relationship. They never got their moment because they loved his family and were hoping and waiting that one day they would change. They were willing to wait. E's family never changed. They are "allowing" B to participate in the funeral and arrangements. THIS pisses me off. "Damn skippy they are 'allowing' him!" was my first reaction, but the truth is-B isn't family. He will know nothing of what the autopsy discovers, he will get no information at all-unless E's family tells him. 23 years together and he's a stranger. A roommate who split a mortgage payment.
I don't often feel "less than." I have friends and family and co-workers who recognize my relationship, call my wife my wife. I am treated and feel "equal to" but the reality is, I am "less than." 23 years. An amazing life together, names that for as far back as I can remember have always intertwined as one. They were B&E. Never B. Never E. Always B&E. And now in a time of immense pain and grief, B is no one. He is a stranger with no answers and no information while dealing with the pain of loosing the love of his life-his everything. Next week I will stand beside him as we lay the love of his life, my brother, to rest.