Friday, June 25, 2010

Ho Hum...

It's summer time but I have not abandoned you, I just have nothing to write. This is what B and I have been up to:
With no children asking random things, co-workers sharing inappropriate things, and truly not doing anything I have nothing to share :-( I promise I'll come up with something for next week...

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Enough is Enough

It has stormed here every day for the last solid week. I don't mind rain. I don't mind thunder. I don't even mind lightening. What I do mind is the massive headaches I've been having from the constant changes in air pressure. It's gotten to the point where I've taken more Imitrex this week than I have in the last several months and it has left me with one unresolved question-What kind of masochist designed the packaging?!?! My head is pounding, I can barely see straight and I have to work through three layers of hard cardboard and reinforced aluminum foil...are you f*cking kidding me!! Finally I decided that I had enough of this bullsh*t. I cut out all the pills in the package, shoved them in a *normal* pill bottle and relabeled it with my label maker. I mean seriously people, three protective layers? AND if you push too hard your crush the tablet. F*cking awesome. Sorry, as you can tell I am a bit bitter tonight. Hopefully the storms will pass, my near constant headache will diminish and I can return to your regular fun loving sarcastic blogger.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Gripping the table for strength

Last night Girlfriend and I were talking over dinner and the topic of children came up. Here is a bit of what I remember...

Girlfriend: 22 months.
Me: Say what!
Girlfriend: tweeeennnntttttyyy-ttwoooooo mmmmmoooooooonnnnnnnnths.
Me: But, but, but we don't have enough money and my parents are still far away and did I mention money?
Girlfriend: One, we will never have enough money. Your argument is not valid. Two, your parents are moving here. Second argument is not valid. Twenty-two months and something needs to be growing in here (pointing to belly).
Me: WAIT! Growing in twenty-two months?!?! Not starting to try having something growing then? So that pushes the time, have I mentioned I will be staying home the first year?
Girlfriend: (hysterical laughter) NO!
Me: Well it's not up for negotiation. I am not putting our six week old baby in day care. Not happening. At two they can go to daycare and I will go back to work. We would only have your income for a year, that's why I'm spazzing out over here.
Girlfriend: I'll keep looking online for other openings and you freaking out on me makes more sense now. Would you feel better if I pushed it to thirty-four?
Me: Thirty-four? What is thirty-four? I can't do that kind of math right now!
Girlfriend: I added twelve. Breathe and let go of the table.

I had to go and change my shirt because I had a serious case of the "freak out sweats" thinking about money and kids and money and money. Today I am doing much better. I realize that we truly will never have enough money but we will make it work. We then got into a very serious talk about children and church and her coming with me. It's really important to me that they go and make their own decisions as adults but we need to give them the opportunity to decide for themselves. She knows my faith is really important to me and gets mad at me when I skip church to sleep in. My argument is not that the children go, but that we need to go as a family. Her argument is that it can be the thing that I do with them and her thing will be taking them to the batting cages. Here is a bit of fun in an otherwise serious conversation that will be revisited later on (but resolved within the next twenty-two months):

Me: Then they can make the statement, "Why do I have to go and mom doesn't?"
Girlfriend: I'll tell them because their mother said so. That's the end of that conversation and debate. We both win. You have them in church and I'm home sleeping.
Me: Nope. You have to go too...because their mother said so. Haha I win!
Girlfriend: They have two mothers. Those statements cancel each other out like paper/paper in rock, paper, scissors.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Field Day is awesome!

Today was field day. Field day as many of you remember is intrinsically awesome. It was also the kindergarten grade level party. Kindergarteners (who can totally smell fear) are also intrinsically awesome. Why? They provide FABULOUS stories for me to share! Most of their grade level party consisted of water guns, water balloons, sponges, etc. It was pretty much anything to let them be wet, tired and and run around like crazy caged animals. One kindergartener decided to stop and pee on a bush outside where they were playing. Three other joined him.

Teacher: S! What are you doing?!?!
S: Peeing. We're outside and wet.
Teacher: Excuse me?
S: Mom! Tell my teacher we're supposed to pee outside!

His mom turned deep red because yes, she has taught him when he and his little brothers are soaking wet they pee at the edge of the property instead of tracking puddles through the house. Here is a part of a conversation I had with Girlfriend today:

Me: Today is going to be totally awesome!
Girlfriend: Why's that?
Me: Cuz. First it's field day. That's awesome. Second you are coming over. That's awesome. That makes today totally awesome.
Girlfriend: Field day today. Adult field day tonight.

I'm off to shower because I stink from field day and need to be smelling good for the adult field day to come ;-)

Sunday, June 6, 2010


Girlfriend is away this weekend at her cousin's graduation. You know what that means...project! I took it upon myself to reorganize and de-clutter the pantry. I should have taken a "before" picture but I didn't think of that until had all the contents emptied out onto my kitchen table, chairs and floor. The "before" picture would have contained an entire shelf of cookbooks, 1 tiny spice rack and everything shoved everywhere in bags from the lack of containers. I left the 6 cookbooks that I constantly use and put the rest on the bookshelf in the office. I bought/attached a second spice rack and a plastic wrap holder thing. That gave me an entire extra shelf to work with! I'm slowly making the move to all square and rectangle container and I really like the OXO pop top ones but they are a bit pricy so this transition is going to take some time. I've warned Girlfriend that any time she leaves for a weekend that I will find a project and she needs to be/act happily surprised.

My finished work:

Saturday, June 5, 2010

When I thought it couldn't be more craptastic...

Central office decided to cut off out air conditioning today to save money. It was 89 degrees outside. Yup. I thought the whole fiasco of us having to work on a Saturday was enough craptastic bullsh*t leave it to central office to find a way to make it worse...

Friday, June 4, 2010

Craptastic bullsh*t

Craptastic seems like the only appropriate word to describe the current situation. We teachers worked Memorial Day and we will work Saturday creating a six day work week. Guess who wasn't open on Memorial Day? Guess who won't be open tomorrow? CENTRAL OFFICE. This is total craptastic bullsh*t.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Neighborly Chatter

My awesome neighbor and I were talking about the county's decision to create more furlough time in the upcoming year to make the budget work. He put it best when he said, "I tried to mail my furlough time to Duke Energy, but for some reason they didn't want it." He said it so matter-of-fact that I busted out laughing. I then added it that at least he got to use his time even if he didn't want it. Last year they had a lot of restrictions for teachers when we were "exchanged" 10 hours of time...we could only use on non-student days, between a four month time span, etc. Here's the sneaky part-there was only ONE work day that fit all the requirements and it was the only day before report cards. AND even if you used your time you could only use six hours. Not cool rule makers, not cool. However cool/fun neighbors are where it's at.