Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Field Day is awesome!

Today was field day. Field day as many of you remember is intrinsically awesome. It was also the kindergarten grade level party. Kindergarteners (who can totally smell fear) are also intrinsically awesome. Why? They provide FABULOUS stories for me to share! Most of their grade level party consisted of water guns, water balloons, sponges, etc. It was pretty much anything to let them be wet, tired and and run around like crazy caged animals. One kindergartener decided to stop and pee on a bush outside where they were playing. Three other joined him.

Teacher: S! What are you doing?!?!
S: Peeing. We're outside and wet.
Teacher: Excuse me?
S: Mom! Tell my teacher we're supposed to pee outside!

His mom turned deep red because yes, she has taught him when he and his little brothers are soaking wet they pee at the edge of the property instead of tracking puddles through the house. Here is a part of a conversation I had with Girlfriend today:

Me: Today is going to be totally awesome!
Girlfriend: Why's that?
Me: Cuz. First it's field day. That's awesome. Second you are coming over. That's awesome. That makes today totally awesome.
Girlfriend: Field day today. Adult field day tonight.

I'm off to shower because I stink from field day and need to be smelling good for the adult field day to come ;-)


Taylor said...

Awesome! I remember field day :)I dominated as basically every running event lol. Too bad we didn't get medals for those races...

LilliGirl said...

aweomeness...my boy always prefers to pee off stuff though like the deck, the front porch, a cliff, whatever

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAH at that kid! Aw bless him! His mum must be dying inside.

The Surprise Dyke said...

Charkey-She was and it was hilarious to watch this poor woman recount the story

The Surprise Dyke said...

Taylor-I was not awesome at running but I kicked some serious ass at Frisbee on the Finger!

The Surprise Dyke said...

LilliGirl-As long as there is no one below him I say go for it!