Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Such A Girl Night

I had a "I'm such a girl" moment today.  Yesterday I got a package in the mail from my mom (rainbow cookies...how fantastic is that! You may have to be a northerner to fully appreciate the awesomeness of this package) and my girlfriend told me to expect a package when I got home from work today.  This was quite perplexing as I spent all weekend with her and she could have easily handed me whatever was sent to my house.  Well of course I raced home as soon as work was over to see what in the world she would have sent me (considering she sees me every weekend and at least once during the week) in the mail.  
In the mailbox was a small brown envelope.  I opened it and pulled out a CD that said To (my name), her initials and the date.  I literally said out loud, "She totally made me a mix tape!" and then read the note she sent with it.  It was the playlist of said mix tape and a hand written message at the bottom that read as follows, "I totally made you a mix tape.  Er...CD.  Enjoy! (her name)"  

I don't know what is most awesome:
1) She sent me a mix tape in the mail even though she sees me all the time
2) The mix tape is freaking amazing-it's sweet, funny and fabulous
3) I said out loud "She totally made me a mix tape" and she wrote "I totally made you a mix tape"
4) We both called it a mix tape...but clearly it's a CD

I called her when she got off work and recounted how I said that before I read her note which she thought was fantastic.  I've had a goofy smile on my face all evening.  I can't help it...it's all my girlfriend's fault :-)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

You can't make this sh*t up

On Tuesday I took off work to go to Raleigh with EqualityNC, my one and only personal day of the year.  Meeting with my representative (herein known as ConservativeOldGeezer..or COG-as in he is just a cog in the wheel) was "an experience" to say the least.  Here are the highlights (or low-lights if you prefer) from our conversation....and no, you can't make this sh*t up....

The story begins with me going into his office, us shaking hands politely and introducing ourselves.

COG:I just want to let you know from the start, the thought of two guys together, or two girls together is just repulsive to me.
Me: [awkward silence] Um, well sir....that is your opinion and and you are entitled to have your own opinion...
COG:I just don't get it, I mean I watched that Brokeback Mountain movie, because I wanted to see what all the talk was about.  I almost threw up!
Me: [again awkward silence] I haven't seen it so I really can't comment on the movie.  I would however like to talk with you about three different bills.

Yeah...it started a little rocky, but got better as I thanked him for being one of two Republicans in the house to support the school anti-bullying act.  He shockingly also talked on the floor about why Republicans should support the bill in its entirety.  Here is part of his response...

COG: It's an important bill.  I wish more Republicans would support it.  I mean, if a boy is small because he hasn't had a growth spurt yet, or his voice hasn't changed people shouldn't be allowed to call him faggot...you know?  It's not his fault, and who knows, if they keep calling him faggot he might just choose to be gay to make it easier.
Me: [trying to control my facial expressions] It is an important bill, and hopefully you being passionate about it will help other Republicans to see the value it has for our students across the state.
COG: Well I don't agree about having that girl speak.
Me: I'm sorry sir, can you please explain.  I don't know who you are talking about.
COG: They had this 16 year old girl on the floor talk about how she was picked on, and I just think that was a bad idea.  They should have had a boy whose voice hadn't changed, or who was small for his age.  They had this girl, who must have weighed 250-300 pounds talk about being picked on for being a lesbian.  She probably chose to be that way because the boys don't like her.  If she lost some weight and put some effort into her looks she could get a boyfriend.  She's just taking the easy way out.
Me: [trying very very hard to control my face and tone of voice] I didn't see the segment, so I don't really feel comfortable commenting.  I would however like to talk with you about your support of DOMA.  I would appreciate it if you would help me to understand your perspective, as denying someone the right to have legal protection of a relationship does nothing to hurt or invalidate heterosexual marriages.

We then got into a lengthy discussion about elements he was completely ignorant about including taxes, distribution of property, social security, children, etc.  As much as we OBVIOUSLY disagree, he could understand where I was coming and (shockingly) would support some legal protection....as long as there is no title that validates relationships....I'm still trying to wrap my brain around that answer.

Finally I brought up the Employee Non-Discrimination Act that is being introduced that would protect state employees (and teachers!) from being harassed and/or fired based on their sexual orientation or gender expression.

Me: Now that you know a little more about it, what is your position on this bill?
COG: I completely support it!
Me: Really!
COG: Oh yes, as long as it doesn't mean that they can go around trying to convince students to be gay.
Me: [deep breath] No sir. It's just to protect them from losing their job if their employer finds out that they happen to be gay.  All of this is based on the aspect that a person's sexuality does not affect their ability to perform their job and should not be a factor or threat in termination.

And if you thought, there can't be anything else....you would be mistaken....

COG: Before you go, may I ask you a question?
Me: [oh lord] Yes, sir.
COG: Are you married?
Me: [pause, because I must have heard wrong] I'm sorry what?
COG: Are you married?
Me: [awkward pause] Sir....the state won't let me get married.
COG: Huh?
ME: Sir, the state won't let me get married.  That's why I'm here today talking with you.
COG: [awkward pause] Oh. Oh!

Yes.  Homeboy JUST REALIZED 30 minutes into our conversation that he was talking with a big gay.  Apparently my femme dress clothes (white dress shirt with pink accent, brown pants with light pink pin striping, brown heels), honkin' big purse-I borrowed my roommate's because I had a lot of stuff to carry-and jewelry threw him off.  I thanked him for his time, his support of two bills, and hoped he would consider protecting the rights of his constituents rather than deny them.  We shook hands and I left, trying not to laugh as he was still visibly shaken.  As soon as I got out of the building I started calling people, because that situation was just TOO funny to keep to myself.

If you made it to the end of this lengthy post, I hope you enjoyed.  As I've told this story several times it sounds more obscure each time.  I mean, I know I was there but it felt very surreal so I can only imagine how it reads.  My mom laughed hysterically at the last part, my girlfriend thinks it's hilarious-she fell apart laughing and said, "Didn't you know to be gay you have to have a really bad haircut, wear a tie and carry a briefcase?  Maybe you're just taking the easy way out because finding a good man can be hard these days.", and my comic friend is using the last part in her routine...because seriously, you just can't make this sh*t up...

Monday, March 23, 2009

Chivalry is NOT dead

A little boy in class has single-handedly revived my faith in the next generation.  At the bathroom today I overheard him while he was pumping out hand sanitizer (they can't reach the soap and water faucets well) to classmates.  Here is the scene.  Redeeming little boy (RLB) was standing against the wall with 3 boys in front of him with their hands out waiting for a squirt to get back in line.  A little girl in class walked up and made child number 4.

Other little boy: My turn.
RLB: No, no.
Other boy: What?
RLB: Duh, ladies first.

He then proceeded to go around the 3 boys in front of him to give the one girl hand sanitizer.  He then nodded (to affirm himself) and said, "Good manners are important, now it's your turn."

Yup, that's all I got for today.  He made me laugh and smile, I hope you enjoy too!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Haircut Drama

Sorry it's been a while since I posted, so here is an update and a story: I got my hair did yesterday.  I was really excited about it, it has been um...let's just say a while...and needed to be fixed.  Here it the routine, I sit, she tells me what she is going to do, I say great, she cuts.
Everything goes as planned-my hairdresser does her thing, cutting, styling, etc. and I go home to mess with it some more to decide if I like it (not that it really matters because, really, what can you do?) and I had a moment when looking in the mirror and thought, "What the f*uck, my hair looks really gay!"  Worst part of my reaction, is that I have no idea what I meant by it-but I meant it.  As I was messing with it I was trying to decide if it was the haircut, my clothes, or just me.  I was wearing a green polo (duh it was St. Patrick's Day) with a white long sleeve tee under it, and dark wash jeans.  It didn't help me that after I took a shower I put on an A-cut and sweatpants while blow drying it...yeah, that didn't help me feel better.  Last night, it still looked gay, even after I flat ironed the hell out of it.  Today was better.  I put some product in it, styled it a little differently, and did my makeup.  The combination made my hair looked less gay...whatever that means.
Really though, after taking some time to process (yes I took time to process, and was worried that my HAIR was gay) and it came back to an incident on the playground yesterday.  I'm not out at work, because I like my job, and honestly I don't talk about my personal life very much because it's not relevant.  One of my co-workers and I were on the playground with our kids and here is a snip-it of our conversation:

Co-worker: Any potential boyfriend on your end?
Me: Um, no...no boyfriend.
Co-worker: Is there anyone that you are interested in?  Or are you interested in being set up with a guy I know?
Me: Um, no thanks to the set up.  That's not really my thing.
Co-worker: Okay, well let me know if you change your mind, he's a great guy.

It was awkward.  But I'm pretty sure it was only awkward for me.  Everything inside of me wanted to say, "To be specific, guys aren't my thing." but knew that wasn't exactly an option.  So instead I played the pronoun game (which I HATE) and changed the subject.  Any other situation and I would have said, "Actually I'm seeing this girl who is absolutely amazing" without a second thought, but at work it's just different.
So the playground thing was still in my head when I got my hair did, which made me all stressed about my hair looking gay, which led to processing it out on the phone-to the girl I am seeing (she thought it was funny and said that no, it's just me that's really gay), which led to me realizing I hate not being out at work...and I like my haircut.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

One and Only Time

Faithful, Frequent, and First time readers:

I have been uncertain about posting this, because I'm not quite sure how it will be received and it's something that makes people uncomfortable...but it's important to me so here we go.
A close family friend  is currently raising money for the Avon Breast Cancer walk this summer.  Her daughter is a survivor and they are participating as a mother/daughter team (I know, isn't that just too adorable and sweet) in Colorado.  She has participated in the past with great results in raising support, however with the economy the way it currently is, she is struggling and becoming very concerned about being able to meet the $1,800 requirement.  
SO, this is where you all come in.  I have linked her webpage at the end, and if you are able and feel moved to send any amount her way, I would consider it a personal favor.  She is an amazing woman, who always gives to others and never asks for things for herself...even this is not for her, but to raise money for research to be done to help others like her daughter.  There is no amount too small, because every bit helps in these hard economic times.
Breast cancer affects so many women, and especially those in our community who are often overshadowed and underrepresented in the media.  Please, if you know of any friends or family who would like to support an amazing woman and a great cause, forward her page/or my blog to their e-mails, twitters, blogs, youtube messages, Facebook, Myspace, and whatever other technology stuff I forgot (or simply tell them on the phone if you know them like that).
Thanks in advance!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Holy Monday from Hell

There is nothing worse than having a great day planned and through no control of your own having it turn oh so bad, oh so quick.  I got up this morning and there was a small red area on my arm.  I didn't think anything of it, I assumed it was a mark from my pillow or sheets and that it would go away. 

Here's the timeline of my morning:
5:40-woke up with a little red area on my arm
6:40-both arms have a few red marks
7:20-both arms covered in red dots
7:40-arms and legs covered with burning, itching red dots
8:20-arrive at clinic
10:45-get seen at clinic
12:00-leave clinic and go home

Um yeah, Monday was not going well.  I found the school nurse around 7:40 when she arrived and me, being me said, "I don't know what this is (holding out arms like a lost little kid) and it's getting worse.  Do I need to leave? Am I contagious?  If I'm not contagious I'll stay and work...but I don't know what to do."  Yes.  I was really willing to work, even if I was covered in bright red burning dots.  
Obviously they sent me to the clinic to get checked out....hours later (it's a damn good thing I wasn't dying) I had been given an adrenaline shot-just in case it had the potential to put me into anaphylactic shock, had blood work done, and was on my way home with antibiotics and a bottle of Benadryl.  The rash/hives went away and I drove home shaking like a Chihuahua in a blizzard.  
About 20 minutes after I got home the adrenaline shot wore off and surprise surprise the rash/hives came back.  I crashed, drunk on Benadryl, and woke up spot free...again.  Here's hoping that whatever the hell this was is gone because I cannot take another day off of work!  

Sunday, March 1, 2009

All laced up and nowhere to go

So I bought some new Adidas yesterday, which was an event in and of itself.  When did standard Adidas become so hard to find?  I just wanted some basic Superstar II-white with black lines.  That's it.  Nothing crazy, nothing special, nothing outlandish, just plain white adidas with black stripes.  You would have thought I was asking for shoes that were made out of baby seal lined with kitten fur by the reaction I got at shoe stores.  I went to 14 stores over the course of two days....yes, 14 stores before I found a place that carried them.  

Which got me thinking, is this a regional issue? I ALWAYS bought Adidas growing up, every place carried them.  I had them in every accent color over the years, but my favorite was the white with silver.  Every store around here only carries Nike.  Now, I have nothing against Nike, I'm just an Adidas girl.  I finally went to this little tiny shop called Pro Athletic which carried a ton of them.  Clearly this is where I will be going from now on to buy sneakers.  Oh, and I only wear a boy's 5 which makes shoe shopping a chore because I can't have the same shoes as students in my class-that is just weird.

When I finally found them I bought two new pairs of shoes (14 stores, I think I deserved two pairs-black accent and blue accent) and can't wear them because it is raining and snowing and there is no way in hell I am f*cking up my new shoes.  SOOOO, I did some Googling on ways to tie shoes. 

Here are my new shoes with fun lacing courtesy of Hourlylaff.
In case you also are stuck inside due to the weather, here are all 15 ideas so you can re-lace your sneakers today!