Monday, March 9, 2009

Holy Monday from Hell

There is nothing worse than having a great day planned and through no control of your own having it turn oh so bad, oh so quick.  I got up this morning and there was a small red area on my arm.  I didn't think anything of it, I assumed it was a mark from my pillow or sheets and that it would go away. 

Here's the timeline of my morning:
5:40-woke up with a little red area on my arm
6:40-both arms have a few red marks
7:20-both arms covered in red dots
7:40-arms and legs covered with burning, itching red dots
8:20-arrive at clinic
10:45-get seen at clinic
12:00-leave clinic and go home

Um yeah, Monday was not going well.  I found the school nurse around 7:40 when she arrived and me, being me said, "I don't know what this is (holding out arms like a lost little kid) and it's getting worse.  Do I need to leave? Am I contagious?  If I'm not contagious I'll stay and work...but I don't know what to do."  Yes.  I was really willing to work, even if I was covered in bright red burning dots.  
Obviously they sent me to the clinic to get checked out....hours later (it's a damn good thing I wasn't dying) I had been given an adrenaline shot-just in case it had the potential to put me into anaphylactic shock, had blood work done, and was on my way home with antibiotics and a bottle of Benadryl.  The rash/hives went away and I drove home shaking like a Chihuahua in a blizzard.  
About 20 minutes after I got home the adrenaline shot wore off and surprise surprise the rash/hives came back.  I crashed, drunk on Benadryl, and woke up spot free...again.  Here's hoping that whatever the hell this was is gone because I cannot take another day off of work!  


Carolyn said...

Oh no! Did you use a new detergent or eat anything new? I wonder why they gave you antibiotics... usually for allergic reactions they give you benadryl and a medrol dose pack. I had a bad reaction like that all over my hands and arms. Once it lasted a whole week and didn't subside until my 4th day of steroid dosing (yuck).

If you don't mind me asking, what antibiotics do they give you? (sorry, nosey pharmacy habits)

Vicki Valentine said...

Oh god what a bad monday!
And I thought mine was bad lol, love your blog by the way!

The Surprise Dyke said...

Carolyn-The only thing that was different was that my dog got a haircut. I wash him before I bring him there, but I don't know if they put anything different on him that might have gotten on my skin and then caused the crazy reaction. Either that or something that got on me when I went to the park...I'm just glad that it's gone!

The Surprise Dyke said...

Vicki Valentine-The only positive is that the week HAS to get better from there...glad you love it and feel free to comment all over the place :-)

sheA said...

Dang JersaY- Glad to see you're back to good!

The Surprise Dyke said...

Shea-you and me both my friend, you and me both