Sunday, May 22, 2011

It's exhausting being weird

L-Gato was sitting up as he normally does, went, "Meeerp!" and flopped. He stayed like this for at least 10 minutes.
A close up so you can see his weirdness better.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

How observant are you?

The wife and I stopped at a rest stop on our way back home from DC. She saw this standard sign that I have seen countless times and ignored. There are 4 things wrong with it. Can you find all 4? (scroll down for answer)

1-Let's start with the most obvious and biggest error: the dog is sitting. While this may not be a problem for a picture of just a dog, it's plain wrong for the context.
2-We've established the dog is sitting, now notice the leash is loose. This is not a problem until you read the explaination for problem 3.
3-Most importantly why is the owner leaning backward as though they are being pulled with a loose leash by a sitting dog?
4-It says dog walk. The dog is not walking. The dog is sitting. And pulling a person. Who is walking.

Wife could NOT stop laughing and saying, "Whoa there doggie, slow down doggie, not so fast-we can't keep up!"

How observant have you been? Have you ever seen this sign, and like me not noticed anything weird?

Saturday, May 14, 2011

79 words

79 words. That's what it took to go from me to we, from single to married. 79 life changing words. Everyone at work keeps asking if I feel different, and honestly I don't know how to answer them. On one hand we've been married a week today-that's not much time to change, to develop a "married" identity. On another hand my wife fell and sprained her ankle our first day of marriage (that's what she gets for being nice and carrying her brother's bag to his taxi) and I was searching the only CVS near us for things she needed. They were out of cold packs. I. Lost. My. Shit. I burst into tears in CVS over cold packs. It sounds crazy but I had this enormous weight on my shoulders to care for her, protect her, provide for her. All I could think was that I made a vow to support and care for her and on day one I failed. My mom (who came with her paramedic bag from her hotel down the street) brought me back to reality that regular old ice would be just as effective, but I guess in that moment I felt "different." I loved her with all my heart before, but now there is a weight I carry. It's a weight I can't fully explain in words-but there is no denying it exists. I've been told by my friends that marriage changes thing, and while I don't necessarily feel different, I have changed.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Do you think I have enough hair products/toiletries? Seriously. I'm bringing all of this and yes, I really use most of it in on a daily basis. Only 4 things are wedding specific. It's when I put all of it into one bag that I realize just how high maintenance I am despite my low key look :-/
And now a funny B-man picture!
And a close up of him being so comfortable he doesn't even care I'm in his space taking pictures

The wedding gods have smiled upon us-I got all my lesson plans done, packed everything, and was done by 9pm! AND the weather is supposed to be 70 and sunny :-)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Things that are not done/ready:
-sub plans
-house cleaned

*it's a short list like that, but it's a serious amount of sh*t to get done: 4 days of sub plans and printed sheets for students for all my lessons, a stack WAY to big to grade in one week, packing anything and everything we might possibly need, cleaning because the mess and chaos has gotten WAY out of control.

We leave in 1 1/2 days (Thursday after a half-day of work) meaning I must have everything packed and ready by tomorrow night...holy shit. Girlfriend is housesitting for her dad right now and isn't home to help get all the crap that needs to be done done. CLEARLY the house is not getting cleaned. My sub plans will be done at school tomorrow, grading will have to wait as well. AND the end of grade testing is in 9 school days...something I did NOT realize when we were picking a date-rather testing is much later than usual so it's not for a complete lack of forethought. Back to mental planning: Packing will begin at home tomorrow night when I print my exhaustive checklist tomorrow at school...which I just realized I can't do because our printers are broken. Packing will begin at home tomorrow night when I print the packing list I e-mail to myself at work tomorrow. There are seriously NOT enough hours between now and Thurs. morning...

Sorry, I had to get all that drama out of my head so I could function for another hour before crashing and starting over tomorrow.

T minus 4 days until Girlfriend and I are hitched!