Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Things that are not done/ready:
-sub plans
-house cleaned

*it's a short list like that, but it's a serious amount of sh*t to get done: 4 days of sub plans and printed sheets for students for all my lessons, a stack WAY to big to grade in one week, packing anything and everything we might possibly need, cleaning because the mess and chaos has gotten WAY out of control.

We leave in 1 1/2 days (Thursday after a half-day of work) meaning I must have everything packed and ready by tomorrow night...holy shit. Girlfriend is housesitting for her dad right now and isn't home to help get all the crap that needs to be done done. CLEARLY the house is not getting cleaned. My sub plans will be done at school tomorrow, grading will have to wait as well. AND the end of grade testing is in 9 school days...something I did NOT realize when we were picking a date-rather testing is much later than usual so it's not for a complete lack of forethought. Back to mental planning: Packing will begin at home tomorrow night when I print my exhaustive checklist tomorrow at school...which I just realized I can't do because our printers are broken. Packing will begin at home tomorrow night when I print the packing list I e-mail to myself at work tomorrow. There are seriously NOT enough hours between now and Thurs. morning...

Sorry, I had to get all that drama out of my head so I could function for another hour before crashing and starting over tomorrow.

T minus 4 days until Girlfriend and I are hitched!

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Erin said...

I'm so excited for you!!! As stressful as it is it'll be so worth it in the end =)

Congratulations and I hope the trip goes smoothly!!