Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Do you think I have enough hair products/toiletries? Seriously. I'm bringing all of this and yes, I really use most of it in on a daily basis. Only 4 things are wedding specific. It's when I put all of it into one bag that I realize just how high maintenance I am despite my low key look :-/
And now a funny B-man picture!
And a close up of him being so comfortable he doesn't even care I'm in his space taking pictures

The wedding gods have smiled upon us-I got all my lesson plans done, packed everything, and was done by 9pm! AND the weather is supposed to be 70 and sunny :-)


mommapolitico said...

Getting the lesson plans alone done was impressive work. Congrats, enjoy, and don't worry 'bout the house!

The hair thing? The fact that you use all that each morning is impressive, too! But not as much so as the lesson plans!

Best wishes to the happy couple - Enjoy your day. :)

LilliGirl said...