Thursday, May 19, 2011

How observant are you?

The wife and I stopped at a rest stop on our way back home from DC. She saw this standard sign that I have seen countless times and ignored. There are 4 things wrong with it. Can you find all 4? (scroll down for answer)

1-Let's start with the most obvious and biggest error: the dog is sitting. While this may not be a problem for a picture of just a dog, it's plain wrong for the context.
2-We've established the dog is sitting, now notice the leash is loose. This is not a problem until you read the explaination for problem 3.
3-Most importantly why is the owner leaning backward as though they are being pulled with a loose leash by a sitting dog?
4-It says dog walk. The dog is not walking. The dog is sitting. And pulling a person. Who is walking.

Wife could NOT stop laughing and saying, "Whoa there doggie, slow down doggie, not so fast-we can't keep up!"

How observant have you been? Have you ever seen this sign, and like me not noticed anything weird?

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CJ said...

Our signs are nowhere near as entertaining! But when my son was little, he thought the handicapped markings on parking spots were people with really big butts instead of people in wheelchairs!