Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Reason 1,000,001 why I am marrying this woman

In case you needed another reason why I am marrying this woman:

Location-Girlfriend's mom's church
Day-Easter Sunday

Organ prelude music playing and Girlfriend is making some faces as though she is in serious deep thought.

Me: What?
Girlfriend: This does not sound like Christ is Risen. This is Christ is Risen and He's a Zombie.

She then proceeded to be a zombie, right there in church.

...and she was totally right about the prelude music.

BEST PART- an elderly woman in front of us turned around, agreed and laughed!


Taylor said...

I didn't need another reason but this one is hilarious! OMG this sounds like something my best friend and I would do.

The Surprise Dyke said...

Taylor-She is too much sometimes, at least she keeps me on my toes! I was just glad the sweet elderly woman in front of us thought she was funny and not horribly rude/inappropriate.

Erin said...

How did I miss this post until now?!

I'm pretty sure I would have laughed out loud inappropriately had I seen that. The elderly woman sounds adorable too! haha