Sunday, June 6, 2010


Girlfriend is away this weekend at her cousin's graduation. You know what that means...project! I took it upon myself to reorganize and de-clutter the pantry. I should have taken a "before" picture but I didn't think of that until had all the contents emptied out onto my kitchen table, chairs and floor. The "before" picture would have contained an entire shelf of cookbooks, 1 tiny spice rack and everything shoved everywhere in bags from the lack of containers. I left the 6 cookbooks that I constantly use and put the rest on the bookshelf in the office. I bought/attached a second spice rack and a plastic wrap holder thing. That gave me an entire extra shelf to work with! I'm slowly making the move to all square and rectangle container and I really like the OXO pop top ones but they are a bit pricy so this transition is going to take some time. I've warned Girlfriend that any time she leaves for a weekend that I will find a project and she needs to be/act happily surprised.

My finished work:

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