Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Bathroom Line Conversations

Today a former student of mine who is now in fifth grade had this conversation with his teacher while waiting in line to use the bathroom after PE. My class was running late and we were alternating students so mine could go after lunch.

Boy: Well, I won't be stinky today!
Teacher: That's good.
Boy: Yup. My mom sprayed me with strawberries and cream body spray so I wouldn't smell bad.
Me: [choking on my full mouth of water. Trying to swallow and not die of laughter.]
Teacher: (doing her best to hold in the laughter) What did she spray you with?
Boy: Strawberries and cream body spray.
Teacher: You know that's usually just for girls right?
Boy: Nope. It's a manly smell. It's definitely not for girls. She sprays it on me everyday before school, that's why I smell so good.

Strawberries and cream body spray: a manly smell for your stinky fifth grade boy.


Erin said...

Hahahahha. I think it'll be even better when he realizes it's not really the manliest of smells. But at least he doesn't stink!

Congrats on the house, too!

Taylor said...

Hahaha! Has his mom never heard of Axe bodyspray or men's deodorant? I know it's hard to see your little boy grow up but come on if he stinks, he stinks. Buy him some deodorant!