Monday, September 22, 2008

Not all grapes are created equal

So my roommate and I went to our friendly neighborhood Harris Teeter yesterday, only one of our favorite places to roam.  I mean you can't make two people who love all things food much happier than to wander around an awesome grocery store.  While in the produce department, which P.S. I love since they label where everything comes from-we try to buy local (and at the farmer's market) as much as possible.  Back on track--well as we are wandering we stumbled upon scuppernong grapes.  Now, we love wine, specifically scuppernong wine is our favorite local sweet wine. 

Here is the scene that followed.

Roommate-Hey check these out.
Me-Interesting, I've not seen these here before.  Have you?
Roommate-No.  Here, smell them.  They smell a lot like the wine, that has to be a good sign.  Want to try them?
Me-Sure, I mean, they're scuppernong grapes.  We like grapes, we like scuppernong wine, this seems like something we have to try.

[end scene]

We pick back up at home after we put away all of the other groceries.

Me-Want to try the grapes?
(as we are each trying one)
Roommate-(Hesitating) Um, interesting texture.
Me-Interesting is definately a correct choice of words....oh.....oh god.....oh god....I can't...I can't-I can't....oh god!
Roommate-Are you ok?
Me-No.       No.'s like escargot just blew a snot rocket in my mouth....oh god...I can't.....just can't.
Roommate-(busting out laughing)-an escargot snot rocket, really?
Me-(scraping my tongue with a paper towel) Dude, do I look like I'm kidding?
Roommate-Wow, I mean I knew you were going to have a comparison, but I was not ready for that.
Me-How can a wine that is so awesome, have a grape that is so terrible?  Maybe we can find a recipe to cook them in, because seriously that is just wrong.

[end scene]

So in conclusion, not all grapes are created equal.


SheA said...

an escargot snot rocket- my my the picture that paints...

scuppernong grapes, thats funny- from one of my favorite novels, bet you know what that would be dontcha...cuz you're just smart like that Miss School teacher ..yep yep

The Surprise Dyke said...

A picture I wish I had not experienced first hand...I'm not judging, I'm just saying...

Hmmmm, it's a toss up.....would it be Absalom, Absalom! or To Kill A Mockingbird? Those are the only two novels that I can remember mentioning scuppernong grapes. If I had to pick just one, my money is on To Kill A Mockingbird since that's on just about every state required reading list (as it should be) and Absalom, Absalom! is a little more obscure...but I'm a Faulker fan, what can I say?

SheA said...

yes- To Kill A Mockingbird- 3points \0/

Falkner fan- you go Jersey... ok this is going TOTALLY out on a limb here- but I am wondering if your degree is in Education with an English minor- I'm just saying...

The Surprise Dyke said...

I should have been an English major, I nearly changed it in college but was afraid I couldn't get a job and I wanted something I could actually make a living off of. Instead, I dual majored in elementary and special education. I tried to minor in English but I didn't have enough time (or extra cash lying around to stay in school). So, I just took all English classes as electives...other people take bowling, origami, art...I took classes like Creative Writing and Families in Contemporary American Literature....go figure...

SheA said...

ps - I knew that there was a special ed concentration somewhere in your edjamacation- like I said have the gift.