Friday, September 5, 2008

Tropical Storm Hanna and the Weather Channel can suck it

I know....the title is a little abrasive, but hear (well read...but that just sounds dumb) me out first.  
At my core I am a homebody through and through.  I love being home, watching movies, making dinner, and lounging around.  However that being said, I don't like not having other options.  Last week/weekend I was home sick with Bronchitis and unable to do anything but lay on the couch and feel like someone had kicked me in the kidneys while pouring broken glass down my throat every time I coughed.  Seriously, the first weekend after school starting up and I slept through it, how much does that suck?  My weekend was a total bust and I felt cheated.  Cheated I tell you, cheated!  Now Tropical Storm Hanna is trying to ruin this weekend, but I refuse to let that happen.
Which leads me to my second issue... The Weather Channel.  I've just decided that they need to have a special "Weekend Edition" on Friday and Saturday nights.  The forecast on the TV: "Tonight-rain with slight NNE winds. Saturday-rain and windy conditions."  That is SOOOOO not helpful.  Who cares what this evening and tomorrow during the day will be like?  Here's what I need the Weather Channel to tell me with their Local on the 8s: What will it be like at 2:30-3am when I'm driving home?  Because honestly, that's what the people care about (my people, I don't know about your people).  This version of Local on the 8s is only necessary on the weekend, because at 2:30-3am on the weekdays you should be sleeping...I'm not judging, I'm just saying.  This is the kind of TV forecast would actually be helpful and not make you feel like you just wasted 4 1/2 minutes of your life waiting for the Local on the 8s to come back, afraid to change the channel because you don't want to miss the first half of it.  Side note-when did the Weather Channel go from being a channel that told you the weather to a full on TV channel with shows about extreme weather and amazing weather stories with forecasts thrown in at inconvenient intervals?  Not a fan people, Not A Fan.  Anyway, back on track.  For me the question I ask myself is not, "Is the weather going to be bad when I'm going out?" but rather, "Will I be screwed when I'm trying to get home?"  That being said, YAY for their website where they graciously do an hour-by-hour breakdown which let me know that I can go out tonight because the rain won't be coming to my area until around 3am.
I may have been cheated last weekend, but I shall not be cheated tonight!

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