Thursday, September 25, 2008

The pictures says it all...

I'm not sure how this will be interpreted, but such is the story of my life.  My dad called the other day and guess what...the rents are coming to visit next month!  (Cue heartburn and me opening a new container of Tums.)  Now don't misnterpret, I love my parents deeply...see posts My Dad is Awesome, Cookbooks and Dirty Jokes, and Party Hardy to understand more about the relationship I have with them.  Now, that being said, it's always stressful when they come to visit.  I mean, I can't be the only one who contemplates buying stock in Tums when family is coming to visit, right?  Even though I know they love me unconditionally, there is still that "need to please" and the worst thing I could ever do (in my mind) is disappoint the 'rents, thus my major (but totally unnecessary) meltdown when I came out to them, but that's another story for another day.  While I am excited to see them (I won't see them again until Christmas because driving 9 hours on Thanksgiving weekend is just insane) it is nerve wracking as well.  The need to have the house clean, have my life (somewhat) together, make sure the lawn is mowed (or leaves raked depending on the season), etc.  Originally they were going to come this weekend, but I'm going to NC Pride for the first time (I'm fully confident that I will have something to post about after, don't you worry your gay little heads!) and while they don't care about me being gay, in a lot of ways it is still "in theory" to them.  By this I mean I've never brought anyone home for them to meet, I don't really talk about going out to gay bars or differentiate in conversation between my gay/straight friends, etc.  I mean I very well could have told them I was going to NC Pride, but instead I just said, "I have plans with friends in Durham this weekend."  On a positive note I have a month to fester, I mean prepare, before they come!

P.S.-Sorry for major abuse of parenthesis in this post, not sure what that's about (maybe because I did a lesson on them today) ;-) [sorry I couldn't resist]


SheA said...

A few things Jersey--

#1 You are either an only or the oldest kid in the family, I am just guessing

#2 Your parents prolly pay more attention to hangin out with their gayest daughter in the world more than they will to your leaves/lawn, but I totally get the need to buy stock in tums

#3 Awww Thanksgiving...awww Christmas- I heart the holidays

#4 NC Pride in Durham( I am not worrying my gay little head one bit), sounds like hella fun- great baseball team too.

#5 WI Pride this year was rained out (the whole weekend)- ending in major flooding around the city, so as much as I am happy for you I am a little jealous (but I will adjust)

ox- member parenthesis abusers anonymous--- as in my name is shea and I abuse (all that stuff) ( you know ) ( but I try to keep it on the DL to my irl friends) ( because they don't see me type)

SheA said...


hey Jersey- I just watched the news and say that the Carolina is getting hit with some pretty rough weather- hope you and your gay posse are ok.

The Surprise Dyke said...

Yup I am their only child, they did have a child before me who passed away, but yeah all their hopes and dreams rest on my 5'3" frame, and the weather here has been raining on and off all day...quite sad if NC Pride is rained out so fingers are crossed that the weather changes to sunny skies tomorrow!

SheA said...

Jersey-hey- sorry about that, seriously......

and fingers crossed for east coast sunshine this weekend