Thursday, February 25, 2010


Grumpy Gus is being replaced tonight with Positive Pollyanna. While there are many many things that suck, there are also things that are inherently awesome. I bring my top six to you tonight.
Things that are awesome:
1) Rainbow cookies. This may be a regional thing so for those of you who know what I'm talking about move on to #2, all others let me further expand. They are the most delicious cookies that melt in your mouth. Look at the picture and salivate.
2) Snuggly pets. That's B. He's awesome. This you should already know.
3) Dusting. Unexpected company coming over in 5 minutes and the house is a mess? Dust a table. You have a super power to make a room look spotless in 10 seconds...if only it lasted past company.
4) Just Because Flowers. Nothing is better than a random I love you flower from the person you love. (This one is from Girlfriend because quote "I just wanted to watch you smile from the kitchen.")
5) New shoes. They're clean, they smell good, and the inside are squishy pillows for your toes.
6) Making things from scratch. Creating something from "nothing" is a very cool skill. Not only does this make YOU awesome, when you feed others something you made from scratch they tell you you are awesome.
7) Compliments. (See #6)


Jessi said...

You are hilarious... just wanted to let you know! :)

The Surprise Dyke said...

Jessi-Thank you for fulfilling #7 on the list :-)

Taylor said...

I gotta keep up with Jessi. :) lol
I love reading your blog. It brightens my day and makes me smile. I love snuggly pets too. Bitty likes to snuggle most of the time, when she isn't trying to bite me. :)