Monday, February 22, 2010

Visiting the relatives, or something like that

This past weekend Girlfriend invited me to tag along while she went to visit her grandpa. I brought B, as we are a package deal. The trip began with let's just say a rocky start. Explanation below.

While riding in the car on the way to see Avatar in 3D (p.s. It's awesome!)

Me: I know we're leaving after the movie but what time are we heading back tonight?
Girlfriend: You know we're staying the night, right?
Me: What?!?!
Girlfriend: We're coming back tomorrow.
Me: But, but, said we were going on Saturday.
Girlfriend: We are. We're going on Saturday and coming back Sunday.
Me: (deep long breath)
Girlfriend: Sorry? I love you?
Me: It's fine. B may be eating Q's food because since you didn't tell me I'm not sure that I packed him enough for two days.

Once we got there everything was fine, however-Girlfriend ALSO neglected to tell me that her grandpa lives in the middle of f*cking NOWHERE. We were surrounded by nothing but flatness, passed a total of two traffic lights and ate at one of two restaurants in the area. Let me paint a picture here for you: we drove from his house a solid twenty minutes where we were the only car on the road (unless you count the f*cking tractor we got caught behind) where we turned onto another desolate road when eventually led to a restaurant and nothing else. When we were in the parking lot of the restaurant I handed her my wallet from my back pocket and told her to stick it in her purse because I felt slightly unsafe and "too gay" for the location. I'm not against rural areas, but I am not designed to live (or visit) there either. On another note her grandpa was wonderful and very welcoming to me and B, who he liked but wondered quote, "Is he ever still? What is left for him to sniff?"
On Sunday we went "visiting" the rest of the relatives which was an adventure I was not fully prepared for but turned out fine. Oh! Oh! BEST part-while we were at Girlfriend's great aunt's house she kept insisting that we had met before, several years ago at the funeral for Girlfriend's grandma. As much as Girlfriend and her mom tried to get this woman to let it go, she was just not having it. Insisting that I somehow looked familiar, and must have visited in the past, wondering if I had done some different with my hair, etc. I thought it was hilarious watching Girlfriend and her mom squirm trying to get this sweet old lady to shut the hell up. Walking to the car Girlfriend's mom grabbed my arm and said, "Um yeah...sorry about that." Climbing in the backseat Girlfriend looked down sheepishly and said, "So, um yeah....sorry about that." I burst into laughter at the whole situation which made them feel better.


Taylor said...

That was hilarious! I hope I get to that point with my girl :) It's still new but we both know what we want.

ashley said...

nothing exacerbates me quite like the phrase, "sorry- i forgot to mention.." because generally speaking, it was forgotten for a reason. loved this post!

The Surprise Dyke said...

Taylor-Knowing what you want and what she wants is half the battle. Getting them to line up at the same time is the other half-best of luck! :-)

The Surprise Dyke said...

Ashley-Oh it was forgotten on purpose. Once she told Grandpa that B and I were coming she KNEW I wouldn't back out, even after I found out it was for a whole weekend. If I had known it was the weekend from the beginning my answer would have be a definitive no thank you.