Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Diet and Dog Food

B was called chunky. I am not okay with this. After this was said I started looking at him and yes, sigh, he has become a *little* chunky. His diet started today and I think he knows something is up because he kept looking at me while I put his food in his bowl as if to say, "Hey momma, why is this not a full as usual? You forgot some in that last scoop." I'm hoping this will help his "chunkiness" and get him back on track. I'm also not very happy with his food at the moment. He's been eating Natural Balance Duck and Potato for a while and it's been really good for his allergies. The bag I bought last time said, "New and Improved Formula!" but B and I beg to differ on the improved part. I'm looking for a new grain free formula that does not cost half my monthy salary...any suggestions would be VERY appreciated. As Girlfriend has told me many times, skimping on the animals is NOT an option and B's health is priority number one. Readers, do you have any experience or opinions on Evo, Candide, or Pinnacle dog food? They all have grain free formulas but since they are quite expensive I'd love some input on experiences you (or those you know) have had with these (or other) grain free brands.


Carolyn said...

I haven't had any experience with those brands, but since B is a special guy trying out a few different brands sounds like the best option to find out what he might do well with?

I did a quick glance (there's a lot of pages haha) I saw a few of the brands you mentioned.

Hope that helps!

SquirtyB said...

They are all high quality foods, you just have to find the one that works best for your dog (causes the least amount of gas and upset tummy). We prefer candidae but it doesn't work for all of the dogs.

You can cut his food with green beans too! They love em, and feel like they are getting a hearty meal.

CJ said...

Ash's mom told me Jack was really overweight (as is common in beagles.) I looked at her like she was crazy. He is FAR from fat. I gave her that "WTF do you mean" look and she said, "Dachshunds aren't supposed to be that fat." No. No they aren't. But he's a BEAGLE. Duh.