Monday, November 2, 2009

Two Discoveries and a funny story

As you know, I was less than thrilled about getting roped into going out for Halloween. I'd like to eat my words and honestly say that I had a fabulous time, AND I'm even planning out possible costumes for next year-it was that awesome. Also, as you know I was dressed in all white with those phrase cards attached all over (Answer to my costume: little white lies) and Girlfriend wore black shoes, black pants, black lace top thing, black button up shirt-but not buttoned, a black fedora, and one of my green and black ties. What was she you ask? Her Guitar Hero character that she created. Side note: I don't think it gets any gayer than that. Even better was that it started with her saying, "I want to wear a fedora and your green tie...I'll figure out the costume as I go." After she was dressed I looked at her and said, "Did you intentionally dress like your Guitar Hero chick, or is this a super gay coincidence?" Oh, here's a super fun story-Girlfriend has no idea, I mean NO idea, how to tie a tie and needed me to help her. She wouldn't even try because she was afraid she would somehow mess up my tie and that just can not happen. She's a smart lady :-) Oh, and she bought me the tie a while ago as a gift because I was looking for a green tie with a small black design-it's a Miss Feeney's Finery and has this picture on the inside...Girlfriend just got more awesome didn't she?
Anyway, that was totally off topic. The post is about two discoveries and I've yet to share them. Discovery 1 comes from the costumes: Girlfriend is f*cking hot in a tie. I mean, she's always hot don't get me wrong, but she was super hot in a tie. I'm used to seeing Girlfriend femmed out as she normally wears lace top things (Is it messed up that I don't know what they are actually called? If you know, help a chick out and leave it in the comment section.) under her shirts while rocking fitted jeans, a purse, etc. but to see her in her lace top things and a fedora and tie was a whole new level of hotness. Discovery 2: I love Halloween. I've never loved Halloween and have felt left out in the community as it is our Gay Christmas. I'm gay, I love Christmas, but I don't love Gay Christmas. That is until this past weekend-partying at a gay men's nightclub is the only, I mean ONLY way celebrate. In addition to a Halloween themed drag show, we played our own game of "wing counting contest" throughout the night. We also had a "short-shorts" contest. Sidenote: Where do all of our boys buy/find teeny tiny leather shorts? Do they all get some sort of e-mail list about these things? Of all the guys wearing short-shorts over half were in either red or black leather ones while the other half were split between denim cutoffs and underwear.
Last a funny story. So before we went out, Girlfriend and I grabbed dinner at an Indian restaurant near her home. It's a place we frequent often because the food is awesome, they have big portions and most importantly it's close by. We got there around regular dinner time and the place was empty. I mean e.m.p.t.y. and as the night went on every person who works there came to talk to us, including all the waiters, the hostess, both bartenders and the chef. We chatted about costumes, trick-or-treaters, going out later, the food, etc. but didn't really get specific as to our plans-just that we were meeting up with her coworkers later in the evening. (This is not the funny story by the way, this is background information) and as we left told them to have a great evening and hoped that business would pick up for them later. (Ok, here is the funny story) Hours later we are hanging out on the patio at the club getting some fresh air and chatting with an adorable little 20 year old boy wearing wings (check), body glitter and short shorts (check). Girlfriend feels a tap on her shoulder and hears a guy ask how dinner was. When he took off his mask we realized it was totally our waiter from that night, and to make it even better he was there with the guy who is normally our waiter (I told you we eat there a lot). He said, "I was hoping we were going to see you ladies here later tonight!" It was awesome.
Now I told you I was thinking of possible costume ideas for next year and while Girlfriend and I were getting dressed we were head to toe in all black and all white. Spy versus Spy people. Watch for it, wait for it.


Carolyn said...

that is an awesome story!

You two may just be too adorable for words. And I'm glad you had a very merry gay christmas!

Vikki said...

I remember, in high school, my dad teaching me to tie a tie. He said, "Um...I always thought I'd be doing this with my son, not my daughter." I actually don't wear ties now but I love that memory. Glad you had a great time!