Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Countdown is underway!

My parents arrive on Saturday. One guess as to who is not ready. The house is messy, the list of things to do is growing exponentially and time is dwindling down. They will be visiting me from Saturday to Friday (yes, that is a LOT of days I KNOW!) and I've made my dad a list of things to around the house to let him feel like "The Dad" even though we both know I could do everything on the list myself. When I told Girlfriend that they were going to be getting here on Saturday here is how the conversation went:

Girlfriend: Saturday? I thought they were going to be here on Monday?
Me: You and me both. Well, at least you get to meet them before Thursday.
Girlfriend: Um.....I'll meet them Thursday.
Me: Ok. Here's how this is going to go. I want you to be here and meet them Saturday. The answer I'm looking for is yes. You have a week to get yourself comfortable with that answer okay?
Girlfriend: Um......
Me: So when I ask, 'Are you spending the night here Friday?' The answer I'm looking for is yes. You want me to make more decisions, and now I'm making one (insert big cheesy grin here).
Girlfriend: But, but, but, your parents are scary!
Me: Honey you've never met them! AND they already like you. AND nothing is scarier than you dad.
Girlfriend: Hey! What do you mean?
Me: Need I remind you when we started dating you were still staying at your dad's?
Girlfriend: No, I remember that.
Me: Well nothing is scarier than being a loud abrasive northern and eating breakfast with a large Southern man whose daughter I'm sleeping with.
Girlfriend: (laughing) Ok, you win. Yes. I will be here on Saturday.


Vikki said...

Good luck! My entire family is from Kansas and my girlfriend survived. Yours will survive. We all do...one way or another.

Anonymous said...

LOL nice. Good luck with the visit.

The Surprise Dyke said...

Vikki-Did she meet them all at once? If so, she is a brave woman!

The Surprise Dyke said...

Dragon-Thanks, I'm excited :-)

CJ said...

This is why it is easier to not really have extended family on my side. Ash and I have the "just make a decision" conversation numerous times a day. Ugh, at least we're getting better at it!

Carolyn said...

hahahha, snippets of conversations you share with us between the two of you always make me laugh.

Hope you got all that stuff done and the visit is going well!

LilliGirl said...