Thursday, November 5, 2009

I want to adopt this kid!

Quick story from class today because it's just too awesome not to share. My students were playing a Word Wall game where every kid had a white board and marker on the carpet. One child would write and say a sentence with one word missing that was on the Word Wall. The first kid to figure out the missing word (and spell it correctly on their board) got to pick the next word/phrase. (Side note: I make them write their sentence to make sure it makes sense, you would not believe how many times they come up with a "sentence" that has no subject, predicate or connected thought ending in frustrated classmates.) One child, who shall now be named Coolest Kid Ever was up and he asked me for a suggestion word. I gave him the word "that's" because students have been having trouble with where apostrophes go in contractions. He looked at me with a big smile and quickly began writing on his white board. As he finished I turned five shades of red, burst into uncontrollable laughter, and (unfortunately) had to have him write something else. What did he write you wonder?

______ what she said.

Seriously. Coolest. Kid. Ever.


Carolyn said...

You have some of the most awesome kids ever in your class. I laughed pretty hard when I read that. Clever kid!

crystal said...


Jude said...

OMG...that was just too cute!

CJ said...

I'll arm wrestle for you!