Saturday, August 2, 2008

Homo Depot Adventure

Ok, so the other week I dragged my roommate to Home Depot to look at lighting fixtures.  I'm replacing the lighting fixtures in several rooms of my house and because we are slightly co-dependent I needed her input/approval.  Now, all was going well and fine, until I couldn't find the decorative exhaust fans.  Side note, it would be very helpful if Home Depot and Lowes got together and put the same stuff in the same places at both stores, how hard would that be?  Case and point: decorative exhaust fans at Lowes-bathroom department decorative exhaust fans at Home Depot-lighting  Anyway, back on track.  I was pissed because I couldn't find what I was looking for, and I refused to ask for help.  I mean it's Home Depot, or Homo Depot as I call it.  Normally I am a totally rational gal (gal? wow, where did that just come from? anyway...) who will ask for help when I can't find something right away.  I hate wasting time and if someone can immediately point me in the right direction, I'm all about it.  I can't explain it but something comes over me when I get to home repair stores or Sears (tool section only)  Maybe it's because I'm there too much or I'm way too proud to say I can't find something that I just looked at 2 weeks ago, not sure but I will wander until I find matter how long it takes.  After about 20 minutes of wandering around the store, my very patient roommate had just about enough.  She looked at me, burst into frustrated laughter and said, "If you were any gayer right now, you would physically turn into a man."  At which point I got even MORE determined to find it on my own, because I mean how dare she go there?  Clearly, she and I both made mental notes NOT to go to home repair stores together again for the sake of our friendship.  Twenty MORE minutes later, I hung my head low and told her in a very frustrated and defeated voice, " can go ask someone for help."  Homo Depot...what can I say, it brings out the dyke in me.


SheA said... *smirks*

talkin.nerdy.after.dark said...

*laugh uncontrollably*
Homo Depot.
You're hilarious