Sunday, August 3, 2008

Straight People Magnet

Ok, so Friday night I went out to the local LGBT club/bar, not strange since I am an of-age single lesbian.  I guess I should add in that I went there alone (which it vital to the story) because 1) most of my friends are straight and wouldn't come with me 2)it seemed like everyone I know who would come was out of town or had plans and 3)I couldn't care less about going places alone.  I was there about 45 mins when a friendly guy (we'll call him "W") asked if I was there alone and invited me to join up with him and his friends for some games of pool.  Now clearly he had not seen me playing pool with a girl and getting it handed to me earlier.  He and his friends (mixed guys/girls single/coupled) were awesome.  They were friendly, inviting, and all around great company.  A couple hours later I'm talking with one of the girls and she mentions that she's W's wife.  Now, it does not bother me in the least that a straight married couple was at the gay bar with their very gay friends, I find it ironic that these are the people with whom I spent the evening.  Later when talking with W, he asked if I was straight/gay/bi and had assumed that I was a single straight woman who was clearly not in her element and kindly was trying to "rescue" me from feeling awkward all night (side note: love him for that.)  Later when talking to his wife, she also thought I was straight.  Now, I understand that I don't fit completely into the gay stereotypes but here's what I was wearing-make your own judgement- teal/white striped fitted polo shirt, loose jeans, brown studded belt, brown (boys) sketchers, brown wrist cuff watch, silver hoop earrings, and carrying my wallet in my back pocket.  I can only guess because I mostly hang out with straight people I've turned into a magnet for them and repel any gayness.  The worst part-until I knew that they were a straight married couple, I thought to myself, "these are my kind of people."  Seriously though, I went to the GAY club, to meet GAY people, to have some GAY friends...and I make more straight ones.'ll bite you on the ass when you're not looking.

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Anonymous said...

I hear ya - I'm a straight magnet myself! Sometimes I think we attract the opposite of what or whom we're attracted to.