Sunday, August 3, 2008

Which comes first?

So a couple of months ago I went to the local pet adoption center to "look" and left with a twenty pound lovable mess of fur and constant wagging tail.  I was watching him eat the other day and grabbed my camera (why I was in a hurry I don't know, it's the same routine every day) because seriously, he doesn't come up for air the entire time he eats.  Not abnormal for a dog, but I too LOVE to eat (you wouldn't know it by my 100 pound 5'3" frame) and inhale my food not stopping for anything.  Which got me thinking....was I drawn to him because he acts like me?  Or does he act like me because I'm his primary caretaker?  I've heard of people looking like their pets over time, but not acting like them.  I'm totally fine about him acting like me because well, I may be biased but I think I'm pretty awesome.  What concerns me is if it's the other way around, I mean he's lovable and all...but dumb as a rock...seriously.  Case and point, he "lost" his ball in the middle of the EMPTY living room and couldn't find it until my roommate threw her arm like she had the ball in the direction where his ball actually was.  Um, dumb dog actually believed the empty hand throw, found his "missing" ball and excitedly brought it back.  Slightly concerned that if it's reversed, I too might become dumb as a rock...just sayin...

Anyone with odd pet behavior or funny stories feel free to post a comment below!

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