Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Update on B and Girlfriend

B is on antibiotics and is doing better (as far as I can tell) today. He goes back to the vet next week to get his urine checked and make sure things are clearing up on the inside. After he finishes his antibiotics he will be getting his teeth cleaned. I feel like a bad mom, because even though I brush his teeth, he has gingivitis which the vet thinks caused his infection from licking himself. B will continue to get UTIs until I have his teeth cleaned and everything in his mouth fixed. Fun times all around. On a more positive (and less expensive-I was going to say cheaper but thought better of it) note Girlfriend is feeling much better. She was able to keep food down all day Monday and was able to go to work today. I sent her back home last night with a sleeve of crackers and half a bottle of Pepto.

Scorecard results: Me-2 Sickness-0

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