Thursday, March 18, 2010


I was doing better after my three steroid shots until Tuesday evening when I had a setback. I got all tingly again and felt awful. I went to work Wednesday morning and my boss sent me home when they saw me. I called my doctor and he had me admitted to the hospital last night. So far today I've had another MRI, this time of my spine to look for lesions and am waiting on the results. They are also going to do a vision test to try and figure out/correct my eyes and are still talking about a lumbar puncture as a last resort. I've been told I'm out of work until next week and hopefully will have some answers today. Again, thank you for all your well wishes and continue to send good thoughts my way.


Taylor said...

I'm sending happy thoughts your way! I hope you get this all straightened out soon.

Anonymous said...

Positive healing energy to you!

eb said...

I imagine you will have a series of good and bad days. I certainly hope there are more good than bad.

In the meantime, tap into your artistic side and start arty journaling. Check it out:

Art is a wonderful elixir.