Thursday, January 21, 2010

She's corny but I love her

I was on the phone with Girlfriend today and we were talking about her moving and all the *fun* details that go into that. Some background updates: we've had some problems with her dad about her stuff coming here, and I mean major problems. He was fine with all of it, and then he wasn't. I mean WASN'T in a big big way-to the point where he would rather her get rid of her stuff then move it here. On one level I get it-he's watched his daughter get her heart broken before, he's worried, etc. but on a different level I'm like-back the f*ck up. It was at the point where I thought that he and I were going to have *words* about his attitude this weekend. Girlfriend and I had accepted that we temporarily lost this fight and would just move all of her stuff in the dead heat of the summer and end all the fighting. Enough background. Tonight she calls me and here is a recap of our conversation:

Girlfriend: Ready for my stuff to be there next weekend?
Me: Um we lost that battle remember?
Girlfriend: I don't know what happened between last time Dad and I met and tonight but he has backed down. Like for the first time ever. About anything.
Me: Seriously?
Girlfriend: Yup. He said storage is going to be too expensive, (my name here) has the space and if this ends and she takes all your stuff at least it wasn't worth anything.
Me: I'm glad he has confidence in us darling.
Girlfriend: Whatever. Ignore him and focus. What's important is that we won! I can't believe we won!
Me: I'm a little in shock myself, but very happy.
Girlfriend: My stuff is going where I want it to go, I'm going to save up for a few months and get back on my feet and then we can begin our journey on this thing called life together.
Me: Really?
Girlfriend: (laughing) Yes. I really did just say that. I even did a big arm sweep that you couldn't see over the phone.
Me: You are special kind of corny right now. A mix of a greeting card, lifetime movie, dove chocolate promise and after school special all rolled into one.
Girlfriend: I love that you act as if this is somehow new information for you.
Me: Not new, just a new level of special.


Anonymous said...

Nice with the corny. Hey rock on to you two for winning the battle!

The Surprise Dyke said...

Dragon-Thank you :-)

Carolyn said...

=) Yay for winning battles and really special vomit inducing corniness!

haha jk ;)

The Surprise Dyke said...

Carolyn-We do what we can over here to keep it awesome...and humble. Ok, not so much on the humble...