Thursday, January 7, 2010

Conversation with my mom

I'd like to remind everyone that I heart my mom. I just spent over an hour and a half chatting with her about many things including (but not limited to) when I could come visit, Girlfriend's financial situation, her moving in this summer, when my mom started going gray (I've been finding gray hair and she said she just started going gray a few years ago...I'm call shenanigans on that), mortgage/property taxes stuff, etc. Talking with her for so long made me miss them more and really wish they lived closer. They are going to come down and visit me around Easter instead of have me travel to them because they have a little more flexibility in terms of work days and time available. This right here is just another example of why I know I'm lucky:

Mom: I'm glad that Girlfriend's stuff will already be there when we come visit.
Me: Really? Why's that?
Mom: So there will be a real bed for me to sleep in and not just air mattresses. I'm too old for that shit.
Me: Her couch has a bed in it too.
Mom: Yup, she's definitely a keeper.
Me: I agree. I'm glad that you like her.
Mom: I do. I knew she was a kind and caring person with a good heart when I first met her. She loves her dog, she loves your dog, and it's obvious to everyone that she really loves you. I couldn't be more pleased with who you are spending your life with.


Taylor said...

That's so great! I had a conversation kinda like that with my mom last week.
My dad didn't believe her when she told him that two girls in the bar that they work at were gay. She told him "Call your daughter and ask her if they're gay. She'll know over the phone."
It was pretty huge because I came out just five months ago. My mom totally embraces my sexuality. We are some of the lucky ones.

Carolyn said...

Seriously, you and girlfriend are already sickingly cute, but does your mom have to be so adorable too?!?!?!

jkjk I <3 it

And your mom is right! It's about time she has a real bed and not an air mattress to sleep on when she visits! Or was the air mattress a ploy at limiting their visit time? jk =)

lesbo said...

i wish blogs had a "like" button, like on facebook.

The Surprise Dyke said...

Taylor-That's awesome, never forget how lucky we are!

The Surprise Dyke said...

Carolyn-about the air mattress....welllllllll, just don't tell her that was my plan all along!

The Surprise Dyke said...

Lesbo-I LIKE that :-)

LilliGirl said...

awesome...wtg mom!

Anonymous said...

Thats awesome! Always great to have moms support :-)

Vikki said...

You are a lucky woman.

Plans... What Plans!?! said...

LOVE THIS!!!! :-) A conversation for the record books!!

P.S. Enjoying your blog! Glad I found it!

M&T said...

after reading your post, i feel like i should call my mum. now i feel guilty. your mum sounds awesome

CJ said...

Now that is the highest compliment a girl can get!