Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Big talk, big decisions, big changes

There are big talks, big decisions and big changes occurring here in my home. Girlfriend and I had a big talk about her moving here this summer and what to do with her stuff while she's staying with her dad. She is going to bring the stuff she won't need here, since it's coming here anyway and it seemed stupid to move her stuff to a storage unit, then move it here a few months later. This then led into the topic of our double stuff. We each have living room furniture, vacuums, etc. all of which created a second conversation-what to do with all our double stuff? It seems silly to keep double of everything, so what do we do? Neither one of us has been in this situation before. I went from living in a dorm to living with my (former) roommate for six years to now being on my own. She went from living in a dorm/apt. to living with her ex, to living on her own. For the first time I started to get sweaty. I'm not sure what happened, but I found myself feeling my heart race, my body sweating and struggling to keep myself composed in public. Even though we've talked about her moving in, I think the discussion of choosing between whose stuff to use somehow made it real. No, I'm not changing my mind or chickening out, but it's still scary. Big changes are coming this way, and as scary as they are, I'm ready to walk headfirst right into it. I leave this short (but heavy) post with a fun excerpt from our conversation over coffee tonight:

Me: What did your dad say when you told him?
Girlfriend: He was fine with it. He agreed that it should give me enough time to get my shit together.
Me: You know that I don't need you to have your shit together right?
Girlfriend: You don't want some broke mother fucker moving into your house.
Me: You're right. I don't want just ANY broke mother fucker moving in. You are a different story and I think I'll keep your broke ass around. We've already established I'm not with you for your credit.
Girlfriend: Nope, that's why I keep you around. Love you!
Me: Yeah, yeah, yeah.


LilliGirl said...

oh yeah - big, big stuff! sounds like you are ready and we'll be here to hold your hand when you need it.

CJ said...

Ash and I had the opposite problem. We weren't living together, but I had secured a place. But I didn't have any STUFF. She had moved out of her ex's and had all this stuff...but no place to put it. You will work it out. It will fall into place! There is no solution that works across the board!

The Surprise Dyke said...

LilliGirl-Thanks, I think I'll need some hand holding as the summer approaches

The Surprise Dyke said...

CJ-Thanks for the encouragement!

Carolyn said...

How exciting! Good luck with everything! We'll definitely be here for ya through it all the excitement and whatever scared thoughts you may have!

teehee my verification word is osinging, makes me feel like I need to break into song.