Monday, October 13, 2008

Stumble and fall (again)

So, confession time...I have stumbled and fallen (again) and really, one day I hope (and pray) I will get it right.  There is this co-worker of mine, who for lack of a better phrase pisses me off.  Other colloquial choices: grates my nerves, pushes my buttons, churns my butter.  It's not just me, honest, other people are irritated by her as well.  She is on my list of people who I truly do not like, and for the record, that's a very very very short list.  You may be thinking TSD, this is rather harsh, can we have some reasons on why you despise her so much?  Why thank you for asking faithful (or infrequent or first time) readers, I will gladly (and maybe too eagerly?) justify my stance in the following numerical order:

1-She's condescending (side note you don't really need to keep reading this list, everything else from 2-10 fall under this umbrella)
2-She's got a stick shoved up her ass
3-She's my co-worker not my boss, yet talks to me like I have to listen to her
4-She acts like she's God's personal gift to education
5-She changes her stances on "best educational practices" from year to year
6-She acts like she has always known said practices
7-She tells us we are doing our jobs incorrectly for following previously said practices from two years ago while we (insert condescending tone of voice) should be doing the "new" ones 
8-She's an idiot with a sh*tload of theory and no personal classroom of students to deal with on a daily basis
9-She hates her job because she didn't get the fancy-pants promotion she applied for last year and is taking it out on us
10-Did I mention she's a condescending bitch who when we do something different are talked down to and criticized for not following "research", then when she mentions a "new best practice that research shows..." (which by the way we WERE doing but got in trouble for so we stopped) it's as if she is the only one who knows anything about anything in education and we are a bunch of tools who perplex her in how we ever got degrees in the first place.

OH OH OH #11-She made the cute teacher I have a crush on cry...that's right people...cry...don't do that...GRRRR

Now that I have given you my personal (abet biased) stance on why I can't stand this woman, let me explain the entire reason for my post.  (insert deep sigh) My pastor was talking about love and the church on Sunday [can you see where this is going] and how we are to love people when they are unlovable as God first loved us before we loved him.  Our church has grown from around 200 to over 350 in the last year, and a lot of that has to do with how we genuinely love people when they come (and no it's not that fakey churchy love where everyone hugs you but doesn't actually care at all what you say, it's the genuine hand-shake glad you are here, welcome, get some coffee, not-overbearing kind of place).  There is no agenda to loving people, whether or not they are a member and come every week or only come once, we just want them to know that they matter to us because they matter to God.  [Ok, done being all preachy and sermon like, sorry I'm a former missionary I can't help it sometimes.]  AGAIN, GRRRRRR.  I do not, repeat, do not want to love this woman, I want to punch her in her I-know-so-much-more-and-am better-than-you condescending face.  I want to call her out on her bullsh*t and laugh when she looks like a tool.  I do not, under any circumstances, want to be kind to her, help her, be friends with her, talk to her, breathe the same air as her, or love her....again, I want to punch. her. in. the. face.  (Honestly people, I am not a violent person, and I'm generally a very even tempered go-with-the-flow kind of gal, but she gets under my nerves like a splinter under my pinky toe).  So yes, I have stumbled and fallen (again) and I will try (well, at least I won't actively try to be a bitch's a starting place right?) to love her.  Honest.

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sheA said...

Oh NOooOooo she didn't make the cute teacher cry...Oh he** to the NoOoooo - lucky I wasn't there- not that could do anything....

AL PhA BeT i CaLlY

A- My personal theory- people who act like a tool and all that junk are in reality suffering from extremely low self esteem

B- I would want to punch her lights out too

C- Even if I did that, I wouldn't feel good about it and I know you wouldn't wouldn't either- its not your nature...

D Sometimes I feel like people like this are set in my life to help me walk out my beliefs, like- do I really really love people the way I should

E If it makes you feel any better, I work with someone JUST like that, so you are not alone.

F I think it is funny how the sermons on Sunday are a reflection of what I am going through

G - love bears all things believes all things hopes all things endures all things....

H - You'll get thru this Jersey- just don't give up-

I- Sometimes we are the only Bible the world will ever read--- I didn't say that- my friend told that too me a long time ago.....