Sunday, October 5, 2008

Petty or Valid?

Ok, so this is really bugging me (hence the picture) and I need y'alls input on the situation.  So this girl I went out back the spring, we'll call her L, e-mailed me in the middle of September to see how things were going with work, what I was up to, etc. but I didn't realize this until a week later.  I have 3 e-mail addresses and regularly check 2 of them, the third has been getting a lot of spam crap so I've updated people to let them know to use the other addresses.  Background info on L--We had a mutal friend in common and we had e-mailed and talked for a while before going out, and we discovered that while there was friend-chemistry...that was it.  Anyway, both of us were away for the summer, so while the e-mail surprised me, it was a pleasant surprise.  I emailed her back letting her know how things were going, explained about the weeklong delay in responding, and asked her how her travels were this summer, what she was up to, etc.  Um people...that was the second week in September and she still hasn't responded.  Here's what is bugging me, she e-mailed me, I responded, I e-mailed her...nothing.  Now, if I had contacted her first and she didn't respond, no problem....but don't contact me and then when I contact you ignore me.  

Here's where my faithful (infrequent and first time are welcome too!) readers come in.  Am I being petty or are my feelings valid?  You can be honest, don't worry I won't block you from adding other comments in the future!  I just need to know if I am being all ridiculous or not.  Thanks!

P.S. Fun story from this weekend--I was out with my friends and S was going ape-sh*t about this guy who called her dude earlier today.

[Scene of us standing around in the parking lot]

S-...and then this young guy called out, "Dude...Yo, dude, can you help me out with directions?"  When I realized he was talking to me I helped him but I was mad!

R-Why were you mad?

S-He called me dude...I am not a man!  I even have long hair and was carrying a purse!

Me-No, no, no.  He wasn't calling you "dude" like as in a guy, he was using it colloquially.

[insert crickets]

Me-You know, colloquially...

[insert crickets...again]

Me-Like how y'all is colloquially for everyone in the South....nevermind.  Point is he wasn't calling you a guy, he was trying to get your attention.



sheA said...

Jersey- speaking numerically if I may-

#1 Y'all- I heart that - makes me laugh thinking of Secaucas meets Durham

#2 FAVORITE Bug's Life moment: the exchange between Flik and Dot- pretend it's a seed / it's a rock

#3 IMO- Not at all petty- but maybe that is due to the fact that I am similar to you --- when I respond to someone's initial inquiry, and they don't respond back, I get all " wtf??? or wth??? depending upon what it is. One thing I have had to learn in this life is that people don't always respond in the way I do or with the expediency that I would respond. I bet L will be sending you an email soon...maybe...perhaps....she should....i would if i were her....

#4 I enjoyed the crickets as an added bonus to the story- good effect if do say so, and ps if you take the first intials of the 3 person conversation

you get MRS. but I digress

The Surprise Dyke said...

Hmmmmm...I wonder if L reads my blog because she totally e-mailed me the next day.

Anyway Shea, you may speak numerically any time you like. Now, if I may respond alphabetically...

A-Awesome (or as I say AU-some)

B-Me too!

C-Same here, it's just common courtesy.

D 1-Thanks, I was hoping the crickets would add to the super awkward feeling.

D 2-S.P.E.C.I.A.L.

sheA said...

Jersey- a short ps- I was just wondering how long you have been transplanted and if the AUsome and y'all was a gradual thing or did they jump up at ya like a fire???? JUST a question

The Surprise Dyke said...

I've been a transplant for almost 7 years (yikes, that's a long time!) and the AU-some is the Jersey way that I just can't break. The y'all....that's a different story. I grew up saying, "yous guyses" as in, "What are yous guyses doing tonight?" (yes you may laugh and's okay I'm not offended.) HOWEVER, when moving to the south I quickly learned to replace the "yous guyses" with y'all because all it did was get me laughed at no one understood what I was asking them.

sheA said...

Jersey- or should I say Joysey- read my blog description- I am East Coast style, but as it says somehow ended up in the Midwest, perhaps due to the fact that my dad was originally from WI, but I digress. Any time I hear the "yous guyses" ..... just like Buutta... schweeeeet!!!! I would never EVER judge- who would judge a lullabye- not me..nope no sirrey... I heart Jersey.... TRue story

Syd said...

Dude, it might be petty, but I'd be pissed too. BTW, "crickets" is one of my favorites. In fact, I have answered many emails with only this sound attached.

The Surprise Dyke said...

Syd--love it!