Tuesday, October 28, 2008

For Serious People. For. Effin. Serious.

For serious people.  For. Effin. Serious.  This week could not be any crazier.  Scratch that, change crazy to more difficult.  This week could not be any more difficult.  What's going on you ask?  Why would I label this post "For Serious People.  For.  Effin.  Serious"?  Well faithful (first-time and infrequent) readers, here is a breakdown of the end of last week/this week in review/preview.

Starting last week:

[Crucial background: already have Bronchitis for the second time in two months and am on z-pack]

Thurs.-Small annoying bump on my eyebrow...no big deal

Fri.-Painful, slightly larger annoying bump on my eyebrow...mild headache...not a huge deal

Sat.-Top eyelid swollen, face slightly tingly around eye...can't move eyebrows...moderate headache...slight deal...considering this may be an actual issue to have looked at...too prideful to go acute care since I was just there for Bronchitis last week

Sun.-Top eyelid swollen, bottom eyelid swollen, face really tingly down to bottom of cheek...can't move 1/2 of face...major headache...huge deal...go to urgent care...emergency blood work, shot of penicillin, lost 2 hours of my life to be told I need to go to the opthamologist tomorrow...spend 2 more hours calling 44 people to find a substitute for Monday

Mon.-Call out of work...nervous about substitute who has never been to our school...go to opthamologist...spider bite on face...more antibiotics...head still hurts...
majorly...told to continue taking aspirin for headache...aspirin not working...taking Naproxen instead...face still swollen...sleep all day

Tues.-Teacher Workday...spend all day cleaning classroom and parent conferences...write substitute's name down for future use because kids behaved (my students eat substitutes alive like the spider ate my face)...mild headache...face slightly puffy...still can't move eyebrows...can move puffy face

Wed.-Major writing test at work, annoying pointless meeting for 2 1/2 hours after work...all major assessments due today...maybe buy Halloween costume if it's not too late after pointless meeting...considering being a pirate given the current state of my face...thoughts?  suggestions? opinions?

Thurs.-1/2 day...another opthamologist appointment to check eye again after school...buy Halloween costume (if not done Wednesday)...give dog a bath...he stinks...really really stinks

Fri.-Halloween...scary hair day for children...dress like your favorite book character for teachers (thinking of being Harriet the Spy...wear my glasses, jeans and a hoodie...I can do that)...give out candy...go to gay bar for Halloween party later that night

Sat.-Friend coming in to town...buy leaf blower/sucker-upper for yard...use leaf blower/sucker-upper on yard

Yeah...so...difficult week...I swear this week if it's not one thing it's another...can November just get here already so I can start a new month...October has pretty much sucked all around and I want to start anew...

P.S.-Sorry for the excessive use of periods of ellipsis and poor grammatical choices....actually I'm not sorry but I feel compelled to add this in at the end as a disclaimer that I know it had a lot of both.  If I've just lost you, periods of ellipsis are colloquially known as dot dot dot...colloquially...[crickets] hey, have you seen my week?  I needed a laugh at the end.  For those of you who are still lost see the second half my post "Petty or Valid" for context to colloquially.


sheA said...

ArrrRrGGGHhHH Jersey ya saucy Lesbian-

That's my Pirate impersonation-

Hope you and your face and head area of your body feel better...
I heart ellipse.... bet ya didn't know that

Carolyn said...

Ouch! I had got two spider bites on my leg, but yours sounds much more painful than mine. Mine just hurt to walk on. Z-packs are amazing things. Usually.

I hope your face feels better. And that bronchitis is better. And good luck with your week. Sounds... fun?

Colloquially, such a fun word to say and use. That and crickets. Except I have an irrational fear of real ones (especially if they're as large as my palm).

Butch Boo said...

Poor thing!

But jealous of your blow sucket leafy thing!!

I want one!! Although I don't have a garden or any leaves!