Thursday, October 9, 2008

Big Birthday

Nope, it's not my birthday.  Nor is it any of my peers' birthday.  It was little J's birthday. (Quick refresher for the faithful readers-J loves class, bit a kid on the bus, who M likes and is secretly [or not so secretly] my favorite kid in class.)  Anywho, back on, it was J's seventh birthday and this little boy was just beside himself.  Not only did he turn seven, it was also his helper day.  [Side note: Unlike most of my teaching peers, I can't keep track of 23 kids having different jobs every day so one kid just does it all.  Stuff like running errands, line leader, table washer, etc.]  At the end of the day I was walking him and the other bus riders to the bus area.   

Here is the scene that unfolded:

Me-So J, tell me, how has your birthday been so far?

J-Pretty good, Miss ____.  I got free ice cream at lunch, a cool pencil, and tonight we are going to go to Celebration Station!  Plus, I have no homework 'cuz I did it all last night!

Me-Wow, that does seem pretty good.  Tomorrow morning I want to hear about your presents.

J-K.  But I think I know what I'm getting.  I tolded (yes tolded) Mommy and Daddy about the game (I can't remember the complicated video game name) I want, so I think that's what it will be.  Don't worry, I'll let you know.

Me-Good deal.  So J, tell you feel older?  I mean, yesterday you were only six, but now you're seven.  Do you feel seven?

J-[long pondering pause] Well, I DEFINITELY feel older, but I don't feel seven.


J-I...I guess I feel more like twenty-six.  I mean, It's been a big day.

Me-Twenty-six?  Really?

J-Yeah.  I had lots of responsibilities today.  (Counting on fingers) I had to take notes to the office, be the line leader, pick friends to sit with me and Mommy at lunch, pass out cupcakes, take another note to Mrs. ____ classroom.  Then I had to be the judge in silent ball.  I mean, that's a lot of responsibility for just seven, that's why I feel twenty-six today.  Op, there's my bus, see-ya Miss _____!

Me-(Trying to hold in the laugher until he walked away) Bye, J...see you tomorrow morning!

[end scene]

If only that was the responsibility level of being twenty-six.  Here's hoping J's philosophy  comes true in the next year....


sheA said...

Jersey- seriously- these are the things that make the job so worth it. Happy birthday to the J man- he is the coolest.

The Surprise Dyke said...

That's what I'm sayin!