Thursday, March 17, 2011

3 Reasons

3 Reasons my job sucks:
1. My salary (with no raise for three years and counting) after 5 years is less than an administrative assistant starting out (Seriously. Those who say teachers are overpaid CLEARLY do not work in North Carolina).
2. We are constantly told we are not doing enough, but are not allowed to actually TEACH because of all the stupid paperwork, extra crap and structure we have to follow from those who have NEVER been in a classroom or forgot what the day-in-day-out is really like.
3. Yesterday at car duty a student spit at my feet when they got in their truck. The parent laughed. I could do NOTHING but say "That's GROSS and RUDE" or I would be the one in trouble. Yet, somehow it's the teacher's fault when children are disrespectful, rude or just plain ass-hats. I had to put the same child in their car today. I refused to look at the child or the parent and slammed the door shut. I'm waiting on the parent to come and say something to me or the office. They don't want to f*cking try me on this one...I will LOOSE. MY. SH*T.

After these frustrating realizations I went through the job listings after work and realized that I have two degrees but am not qualified to do ANYTHING. Here's fingers crossed that I still have a job next year and that they don't cut my pay (again) with the bullshit line of "we're not in it for the money" from the person who makes 2-3 times my salary. No, I did not go into teaching because I wanted to make a ton of cash, but I should be able to pay my bills and maybe-just maybe-have a little respect.

Coming to this unfortunate realization, I had to remind myself what I do like because clearly I have very little options-

3 Reasons my job is awesome:
1. I get to hang out with funny kids all day, discovering "new" things. (Remember the revelation that we are animals and the very-very old post about fish being thirsty?).
2. Sometimes I'm the only one who cares about them and thinks the child deserves a chance. Believe me-that kid will let you know how much they need you. Every. Single. Day. Added bonus is that you can insert your own beliefs into their developing worldview and teach them how EVERYONE should be treated fairly, even when their family is trying to instill in them something different.
3. Former students who come back to visit. They hug you and you realize they are taller than you yet you still see the little 7 year old in them. They just want to stop in and say "hi" because they miss you. (That made getting spit at much better...clearly I'm still pissed and have some anger issues to work out. I still REALLY want to spit on him-I won't, but I f*cking WANT TO!!!!)


Taylor said...

You cannot spit on a child! That is horrible that a kid would do that and the parent would laugh. If that were my kid you would have received a written and a formal in person apology. That is unexceptable.
Everyone has shitty days. Just keep thinking about the good stuff. That's what keeps me going when the relentless wave of bad shit keeps knocking me down.

The Surprise Dyke said...

Taylor-I would never ACTUALLY spit on him, but I seriously wanted to...I'm surprised I didn't get a letter from his mom about why he spit at me and how it wasn't his fault. Nothing is ever the child's fault and that is what is wrong with them.

Taylor said...

I know you would not actually spit on a kid. I wanted to spit on him from over here in Iowa. I'm surprised you didnt get a letter too. Kids today are over diagnosed and there are so many accommodations made for kids who are just plain lazy. I do understand that some kids do need special accommodations but alot of them don't. They need their parents to take responsibility and teach them appropriate behavior and what it means to have work ethic.