Monday, January 24, 2011

LONG week ahead

Today was the first day in a VERY long week. We go to school for six days (hopefully) to make up for ones we missed because of snow....and they are calling for freezing rain later this week:-( It's bad when even the kids who don't love school want to be there. Today was a day. A long day. A tiring day. A make-me-repeat-myself-1,000 times-and-you-still-not-listen day. You want some examples?

-A kid rolled across the carpet when I was teaching. Like Stop, Drop and Roll-roll. He then looked at me confused when I nearly lost my shit and made him turn his behavior card.
-A kid dumped a HUGE amount of change on the floor..twice, and then again on the bathroom floor. This was after I told him to put all of it in his backpack. I told him there was gross stuff on his money now because it touched the bathroom floor and boys miss and pee on the floor.
-One child lost his damn mind and started juggling bags of chips when I was fixing a computer. He had the audacity to give me a dirty look when I DID loose my shit.

I told Girlfriend all of these things and how I had a terrible pain in my chest all day. It hurt so bad I seriously was thinking she punched me in my sleep and broke some ribs (clarification-she sometimes flails about when she is sleeping, not that she beats or abuses me) Here is the converstion over dinner:

Me: I seriously lost my shit today. I can't do this five more days. Not with this pain, I seriously think I'm going to die.
Girlfriend: Baby, you've had this happen before?
Me: WHEN! My ribs are KILLING me!!!
Girlfriend: I don't remember when, but I remember this happening. It's just gas. You will be fine.
Me: This. Is. Not. Gas.
Girlfriend: It. Is. Gas.

Hours was gas. I'm fine now :-)


Anonymous said...

Girlfriends know all.

mommapolitico said...

God, I love your classroom stories. I have had that day. I mean, I have HAD THAT DAY. I totally sympathize. In Southern Cal, it comes in the form of two weeks of no recess because wildfires have made air quality so poor that we can't go outside except to get lunch from the cafeteria and bring it to the classroom. Damn, I don't miss that.

You made me laugh with the chage story, especially. Good for you - he should KNOW where his change has been in no uncertain terms. It will serve him well in life.

Play "Coma" tomorrow. Everyone has to lie their heads down on the desk. There has been a terrible disease that put them all in a coma. They have to act as if they are comatose, barely breathing, not moving a muscle. The person who is most comalike gets tagged first by you, and he or she gets to tag the next person who is most in a coma. They love this, for some absurd reason, and you can make it last a long, long, quiet time. I usually "talked" them into their comas, "Your arms are heavy. Your eyelids are closed," etc., a little relaxation lesson that helped keep them comatose for a long while.
Let me know how it goes. Oh, and Tums, top right drawer of the teacher desk. Good luck, and thanks for the great story.

Erin said...


1)You two crack me up. What a great way to start my morning, almost as amazing as my coffee. (Sorry, I love my coffee)

2)And your kids... wow. I giggled at your pain. Sorry!

3)I totally get the flailing, I've rolled and smacked the walls a few times enough to wake me and my neighbor up. I always feel bad when sharing a bed.... haha. Good luck with that one!