Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Highlight of the Day

I was at a SUPER overwhelming staff training yesterday and today which has left me less than excited for the upcoming school year. The highlight of the day was having a conversation with a co-worker while watching a video clip about this new curriculum program we are starting. Enjoy!

Befuddled Coworker: Wait. Whales are mammals?
Me: Mhmmm.
Befuddled Coworker: Really!
Me: Um, were't you here yesterday when we watched the same video clip?
Befuddled: I guess I missed that part.
[10 seconds of silence as the video continues]
Befuddled Coworker: Baby whales drink milk???
Me: Uh, yeah...that's part of being a mammal and stuff.
[awkward silence]
Befuddled Coworker: [too loudly] But where are their nipples?!?!?!

At this point our entire table burst into laughter, which then got us a stern look, which made us laugh even harder because she kept going saying, "How don't I know this? Wait, don't I teach this? Oh, crap! My poor students from last year! Whales have nipples? Where? Oh, I'm so confused right now."
In conclusion: Whales are mammals. Baby whales drink milk. We don't know where the mother whales' nipples are located so feeding remains a mystery.

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