Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Smile because it's priceless

Ok, the week is still not awesome, but not as bad as yesterday/Sunday. I still have no TV which sucks ass but on the bright side my house has never been cleaner! B is still mad at the vacuum cleaner but that's his business. It is currently back in the closet which B is guarding while pacing, huffing and puffing at as if he WASN'T scared shitless twenty minutes ago crying in his bed. Now to a fun story from today. I was at my cone during car rider after school and this adorable little blond hair, green eyed kindergartner came to my cone waiting for his dad to pull up.

Me: Hello! How was your day today?
Kindergartner: It was okay. My friend Mikey wasn't at school today. He lives next door to me.
Me: He wasn't? Is he sick?
Kindergartner: Yeah. He has the flee.
Me: I'm sorry what? He has what? (Bending down to hear him better)
Kindergartner: The flee. He gots the flee.
Me: You mean the flu?
Kindergartner: Flu? Um, no....not the flu. He has the flee.
Me: Oh, ok. Well you tell Mikey that I hope he feels better soon!

I wish you could have seen this child's face when I said flu. He looked at me like I was a total idiot for not knowing that it is the flee not the flu (duh). Here's hoping the week is heading in this direction!


CJ said...

Geez, get it right!! Kids crack me up. My daughter learned the sign for "lesbian" and now almost every woman she sees is a lesbian, in her opinion. Oy vey!

The Surprise Dyke said...

CJ-The BEST part was today when I told my co-worker this story. She then reminded me that maybe he meant Flu, but maybe he meant lice. Way grosser and more likely. About your daughter- I love it, and we could only wish she was right!

Vikki said...

I'll flee if my kids end up with lice. It is going around...