Monday, April 13, 2009

Breaking it upppppp

I am officially on Spring Break and it is fabulous...for the first 3 hours.  The one bad part about Spring Break is that while I love being able to sleep in and get things done, I have too much time on my hands.  When all of your friends have "normal" jobs, there is no one to hang out with during the day.  Unfortunately by the end of the week conversations with my mom on the phone sound something like this:

Mom: So, what did you do today?
Me: Mow the grass, then took a shower.
Mom: Anything else?
Me: Um, I ate a sandwich....

As an avid list maker, here is my Spring Break list of daily activities:

Monday: Buy shirts for work, see Girlfriend for dinner
Tuesday: Take dog to the vet
Wednesday: Go to optometrist for new contacts, see Girlfriend for dinner
Thursday: Mow the grass 
Friday: Get car washed, see Girlfriend for weekend plans
Saturday: Girlfriend is in charge ('cuz it's my birthday weekend!)
Sunday: work in nursery, bitch about going back to work tomorrow (secretly excited)

For those of you slackers out there, just a reminder you have 2 days left before your taxes are due...the gov't is broke and you better believe they will be looking for you and your money this year!  Girlfriend FINALLY did her taxes yesterday (I've been hounding her daily since I found out she hadn't done them) and our conversation last night went something like this:

Girlfriend: Guess what I'm doing?
Me: Um, eating?
Girlfriend: Nope.  Doing my taxes.
Me: Good job!
Girlfriend: Yup, so you can stop complaining.
Me: Hey, I just don't want to come visit you when they haul your ass away.
Girlfriend: You wouldn't come visit me?
Me: No, I totally would, I just would rather come visit you at your house, not the big house.
Girlfriend: No worries.  I'd become someone's bitch so it would be all good.
Me: No way!  You are nobody's bitch but mine.
Girlfriend: Awww, you just called me your bitch.  That's adorable!
Me: Yes I did and don't you forget it.  OOO, Hallmark should jump on the bandwagon and make a card for that one, something like "Taxes were due today, the gov't hauled you away.  The state is broke, it was no joke."  Then on the inside, "While you are doing time, you're nobody's bitch but mine.  Yes I said it, and don't you forget it."
Girlfriend: (laughing)
Me: I'm just saying...


CMS said...

Being English, 'Spring Break' to me always meant a bunch of U.S. College Types rattling on about how 'what happens in Tijuana stays in Tijuana'. Is this a general expression used at this time of year by everyone in the States? Educate me!!!!

The Surprise Dyke said...

CMS-Spring Break is usually a 7-10 day break from school. In primary and secondary grades it typically corresponds to when Easter is, but for university students it is usually about halfway through the spring semester. The "what happens in _____, stays in _____" phrase is generally used by drunken university students who make a general ass of themselves somewhere else, but most students I knew when I was in university took time to visit family, sleep, and keep it generally low key, despite what you may see on the television. Hope that helps and thanks for posting!

Butch Boo said...

Have a great break, me, I've just had a lovely walk by my river and watched the sun set.


sheA said...

Jersay- I heart you and your almost 26 year old self.....oxoxo- Im loving break too!!!!

LilliGirl said...

I love spring break and am soooo sorry I have to go back to work tomorrow. Retirement has to be fabulous! lol

We had a chill time too.

The Surprise Dyke said...

Butch Boo-I'm jealous of your scenery!

The Surprise Dyke said...

Shea-I want to hear about your break in a post soon!

The Surprise Dyke said...

LilliGirl-I second that :-)