Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I'm such a girl

Y'all....I am such a girl.  I don't make this statement very often, and while yes, I do recognize that I am a girl, and people always assume I'm straight, I usually don't feel exceptionally girlie (if that makes any sense at all, please let me know...I only rewrote it about a billion [okay eight] times trying to make it coherent but I'm not sure it helped).  Today however is a very different story.  Monday night I called CLF and asked her out for dinner on Friday (Yay me for keeping the pair I grew on Friday!), came up with an activity, made reservations, etc. and then I realized....I have nothing to wear.  (Cue embarrassed red face and shaking head in shame)  I mean honestly, you should totally laugh at that statement.  SOOOOOO, today on my day off I went shopping.  Here is what I bought: new silver earrings and two sweaters-one dark teal and one burgandy.  Why two sweaters you ask?  (Raise your hand if you know the answer without looking!)  

Because I'm not sure which one I'm going to want to wear.
Really people??? Really???  I'm the chick that packs 1 pair of jeans and 4 T-shirts for a week long trip and here I am buying two sweaters for one date.  I am such a girl....


sheA said...

Roman Numerically speaking

I ( eye ) Yes you are such a girl- and typing it eight times made it clear.very clear.

II ( eye,eye) If it wasn't clear I could have used the context clues and figured it out.

III ( eye,eye,eye) Props to keeping the pair you grew on Friday. Nice work

IV ( eye, vee ) WTG- coming up with an activity AND making reservations...sweet!!!

V ( vee ) I totally laughed at the statement- but in a supportive way..really

VI ( vee, eye ) You had the day off??? Seriously???? Shoot- must be some 13 original colonies thing- cuz I didn't have off...nope not me.

VII ( vee, eye , eye ) I raised my hand without looking. and why did I raise my hand without looking...

VIII ( vee, eye , eye, eye ) BEcause I am the same way- Hoodie and jeans - thats my usual Kickin it with the posse uniform...and HOPEFULLY soon I will have to go to the store...cross your fingers...

IX ( eye, ex ) nice touch with the silver- I am all about the silver.

X ( ex ) F.R.I.D.A.Y. :D

The Surprise Dyke said...

I heart the phonetic parenthetical element....wow

Numerically Listing

1 I know, but I thought I should share that my words weren't making any sense to me

2 Good inferencing and decoding strategy

3 iMuchas Gracias!

4 Hey, you know, I do what I can

5 I'm glad, if you didn't laugh we probably would have a problem and I would wonder why you follow my blog

6 Cha we had off, and it was AWESOME

7 Did you know the answer, or did you just want to participate?

8 I'm rocking a new hoodie right now!

9 Yellow gold just seems like it should only be for children...they should make a rule about that

10 T.R.U.E. T.H.A.T.

Carolyn said...

I agree with both of you on the silver!

I am impressed, I can't even go shopping by myself, I have to drag someone along with me or I will just end up with more t-shirts. They had a "Let's make Carolyn Girly" party a while back, that lasted all of one day before they all gave up on me.

Have fun on Friday Suddenly Girly you! (yes I'm well aware I am lame)

The Surprise Dyke said...

Carolyn--it has taken my straight roommate a lot of time "training" me before I've been allowed to go shopping by myself and not having it end with me proudly holding something up and her shaking her head in shame while exasperatedly saying, "That is going back."

Carolyn said...

Haha, I guess I just haven't graduated from the 'training wheels of shopping' just yet. Maybe one day I can be cool and dress myself like you haha.