Thursday, November 13, 2008

Funniest kid story EVER

Funniest kid story EVER...and not it's not about J (sorry to disappoint y'all)

So my kids were playing "Silent Ball" in the classroom today since we couldn't go out due to inclement weather (i.e. rain).  It's like their all time favorite game, and I don't mind it too much because they have to be silent and I can get some work done.  

Here's the scene: I'm sitting at the side table tracing in black marker over a turkey feather worksheet thing we are going to turn into mini book reports for the wall.

Little B (hereby known as LB-who side note is not a native English speaker, so I wrote it as he talks to me) plops down next to me: What are you a doing Miss _____?
Me: Tracing this for next week.  What are you doing?
LB: Watching.

[silence for about 3 minutes while he seriously watched me trace black outlines]

LB: Hey Miss _____, is this for the Thanksgiving?
Me: Well it's for Monday, but it's themed for Thanksgiving.
LB: Oh.  (pause) Okay [side note, he has no idea what "themed for Thanksgiving means"] I like it.
Me: Thank you B.
LB: What is you do for Thanksgiving?  You go to have food?  You parents eat too?  In a home?
Me: No, they are too far away.  I'm going to have dinner with friends.
LB: Friends?
Me: Yes, I'm going to have dinner with my friends here.  Everyone is bringing one food to share and we will have dinner together, like a family.
LB: [eyes big as saucers and excited voice] Friends!  You have friends Miss ____!  Whoa!
Me: Huh?
LB: I didn't know!  What do you friend do?  What do they live?

[end scene] 

Now at this point I am trying to not pee my pants laughing at this kid who all of a sudden realized that their teacher is a real person, with a real life, and real (believe it or not) friends.  How hilarious is that!  Oh peoples, it gets better.  

[pick the scene up a few minutes later when he calls over his friend T]

LB: Did you know Miss ___ has friends?  Here!  She eat wift them for Turkey!  Why you laugh Miss ___?
Me: (still trying to breathe and not pee) I...I'm.....sorry B...I'm not laughing at you....honest
T: She's laughing cuz you didn't think she had friends.  Of course she has friends, she has a life.
LB: (quoting a class phrase) Oh, yes...."Miss ____ has a life too" wift her friends!

[end scene]

Now y'all know that little boy when home and told his mamma and daddy that Miss ____ has friends, and it will get lost in translation, and they will think I am even weirder than I am...oh the joys of little children....never a dull moment.


sheA said...

JErsey-seriously- the funnE eeee est- kid story ever- I concur. LB.... yep yep

Carolyn said...

Haha that is an awesome story!

I swear you and Shea update almost simultaneously. Gives me good reading material after work though.