Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Blows

I have decided that Thanksgiving blows. I know, I know, I was quite excited yesterday and have had a dramatic shift in attitude. I am currently sitting at home by myself (and two dogs, one cat, one turtle) while Girlfriend is off with her family. No, I was not un-invited and no we did not have a fight or anything like that. I am sick. I realized today if you get sick on Thanksgiving not only do you miss all the delicious food that day, but you also miss out on the delicious leftovers you take home. Here are the things that I will be coveting and missing while I am eating soup:

1) Spinach quiche
2) Sweet potatoes (prepared any way-my favorite is with the marshmallows on top)
3) Rutabagas
4) Green beans (not casseroled-that has glutens in it)
5) Pumpkin pie (crustless) with homemade whipped cream
6) Cranberry sauce (jelly can style)
7) Mashed potatoes
8) Butternut squash

I made a decision several hours ago and texted Girlfriend who supports this idea-I will make Thanksgiving dinner throughout the week with several (not all) of the things I am missing today. I've debated making 1-2 things each night and having that, or scale it down to the essentials and have it in one night. I'm also going to invite my neighbors over because he is working and she is home sick too. It blows missing all that deliciousness and I will not tolerate being left out, even if it does require eating on different days.
So to anyone else who may be sick today and missing out, don't be controlled by the day and make your meal when you feel better and can enjoy all the tasty-goodness.

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crystal said...

Oh no, that stinks!! Well think of it this way, you get a week of thanksgiving dinners instead of just overstuffing yourself with one!! I hope you feel better soon..