Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I think I'm funny

Today we were talking about the moon. More specifically what they think they know, and what they are wondering so I can *hopefully* tailor some of my lessons to answer their questions/fix their knowledge to be scientifically accurate. Here is a snippet of how it went:

Child: I am wondering if anyone has explored the dark side and how they did it if it's so dark?
Me: That's a great question! {writing on chart paper} Has anyone explored the dark side of the moon? Maybe you're wondering how in the world, or rather how in the moon, we know so much?


Me: (still laughing at myself) How in the moon, get it? Ahh, at least I think I'm funny.


crystal said...

I laughed! :) But that doesn't really say much because Ive been known to make quite a few dorky jokes in my time too...

The Surprise Dyke said...

Crystal-Long live the dorky jokes!!!

eb said...

I laughed too.

They don't get it now but I'd like to think one of them will remember and laugh when s/he is stoned in a college dorm and feeling nostalgic about their childhood.