Sunday, September 5, 2010

Cannot believe I'm sharing this

On Saturday I went to a football game. Note that I am not a football person. At. All. We only went because Girlfriend works at the university that was playing my Alma mater and we scored four free tickets to the game (including food) and brought along my best friend (former roommate who also went to the same school) and her husband to watch our boys play their first game of the season. About 4 minutes into the game I had a serious revelation. ALL throughout college (giving tours, doing orientation stuff, volunteer stuff, working on campus, etc.) you always had to wear khaki pants/shorts/skirts with a maroon shirt. I always thought they wanted us to wear khakis because they were neutral and looked somewhat professional with the shirts and everyone owns khakis. Um, yeah. No. People, our school colors were maroon and gold. Our shirts were always maroon. With khakis...maroon and gold. WOW. I processed this revelation out loud as it was occurring in my brain and here is what happened.

Former roommate: You just realized this?
Me: Yes!
FR: Like, just now.
Me: Uh, huh. I know, ten years too late.
FR: I can't believe they gave you a degree.
Me: Totally did, and it's a degree to teach!


Taylor said...

That is too funny! I do that all the time. At least you're not alone lol

LilliGirl said...