Saturday, May 22, 2010

Panic with a capital P

Tonight was another reminder that I truly have one of the best neighbors EVER. He's a laid back cop who helps me with random stuff (like moving the dining room table so I can carpet clean the dining room) whenever I ask and his wife is an equally awesome dog walker/sitter who works at a local winery. Tonight his awesomeness was no exception.

Let me paint a (somewhat gruesome) picture for you...B and Q went into the backyard and when it started drizzling a half hour later I tried calling them back in. They would not have it. B came running up the stairs, and barreled into the house but when he realized Q wasn't behind him he was gone again under the deck. I paid no mind to this. I told myself, "There are strawberries growing under the deck, they must be distracted eating strawberries." Forty-five minutes later they were still gone and I was growing uneasy with the complete silence. Suddenly I head both of them going ape-sh*t on the deck, Q's collar pops off on the top step and as I'm trying to get B in the house to separate them I A tiny dead creature on the deck. B won't leave it alone and keeps trying to bring whatever they have killed into my house and Q is gone back into the yard. 10 minutes later I get B and Q (still with no collar because it is past the little dead thing they killed) in the house and locked in the bedroom. I RUN to my neighbor and explain, "There is a tiny dead thing on the deck. I don't know what it is. A mouse or something. I can't go near it, please please please get rid of it before Girlfriend gets back! Oh, and it's guarding Q's collar, please help me and yes I know I'm being such a girl right now." He laughed at me, put on his shoes and proceeded to go to the backyard and take care of it. The "tiny dead thing" was not a mouse but a baby bunny. Not only did the dogs (probably my terrier) kill a baby bunny and try to bring it in the house, but upon further investigation there were THREE more deceased baby bunnies in the yard, one which had been torn apart. My neighbor took care of it all saying, "When I realized it was a baby bunny and not a mouse I knew there would be more. We can't have Girlfriend finding this tomorrow. This never happened." After profusely thanking him he reminded me, "It's really no problem and I don't mind. Just remember-I don't do snakes. If there's a snake, you're on your own." Thank you most awesome neighbor for helping me once again in my hour of need.


crystal said...

Oh dogs, they think they are bringing you a present, little do they know!!! And yes, you are very lucky to have such a great neighbor, they sound perfect! :)

The Surprise Dyke said...

Crystal-So true. I am incredibly lucky. If/when I move I'm dragging their asses along to buy the house next door!