Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Just for funzies

I took this picture today just for funzies. I NEVER have a camera available when this stuff happens, and given how the day went this is all I've got for you.

What kind of day was it? "Interesting" seems like the only appropriate word. It included packages of candy lying about the number of pieces inside causing a near riot/student meltdown, one kid being sent away for coloring all over his hand-with my crayon that he borrowed-while going over an EOG review book, two other kids threatening to beat up/shoot each other for "running their mouths" which landed them in the office, copier issues, students yelling in the hallway and the staff generally melting down over the EOG being less than a week away. On top of that Girlfriend is sick. Really sick. I mean sick to the point of being sent to a hematologist and having an ultrasound on lymph nodes in her neck this week kind of sick. On top of everything at work hitting the proverbial fan, I am a complete mess worrying about her. Her statement to me, "Now you know how I felt when you got sick." This picture was the one thing that made me smile today. For the record I was stopped at a red light when I took it. Safety first people, safety first.


Taylor said...

Wow! You had quite the day! Tell girlfriend I say 'get well soon' I hope she's okay.

Carolyn said...

=( I hope they figure out what's wrong and that she will do better soon!

Vikki said...

Wow. You have just a little bit going on right now, huh?