Friday, July 11, 2008

My Dad is Awesome

I just want to start by dad is awesome.  OK, here's the story.  The other day I went to  hang out with my Godmother and catch up because I never see her considering she lives about 550 miles away from my current home.  On my way out she gave me a late housewarming present from her and her sister since they weren't able to make it to my Housewarming Shin-Dig a year ago when I moved.  I got around to opening it today and it was a home tool kit with a socket wrench, various sized monkey wrenches, pliers, etc.  Needless to say I was ecstatic.  I mean I only have 3 hammers (of different weight and size, because I never know), a drill (with masonry, standard and wood bits because never know), reciprocating saw, hand saw, 5 screwdrivers, and countless other tools...but I had no socket wrench set.  Seriously, my first thought was, "Oh my gosh, how have I been living without this???"  Thus, another blatant sign that I just might be the gayest person ever.  Anyway, back to the story.  So my dad gets home from work and I excitedly show him my gift and we start talking about what else, drywall repair.  Now I have repaired a lot of holes in my house and done my share of spackling, so I guess I was the person to turn to for a suggestion to his problem.  In moving furniture into their new house he accidentally put a rather, um large, hole in the corner of the staircase and wasn't quite sure how to fix it.  Now, keep in mind I had already noticed the large hole and had been thinking about how to fix it since I arrived because I knew it had to be driving my mom crazy.  I quickly spit out an answer about going to Lowes, getting mesh wiring, spackling over, sanding and repainting the section as if it was no big deal.  My dad looked at me, his eyes beaming proudly and said in all sincerity, "You're going to make someone a great husband someday."  When my mom came home tonight he proudly recanted the entire story of tool excitement, drywall repair, and again gushed about how I'll make a great husband.  This ladies and gentlemen is why my dad is awesome.


Anonymous said...

This is possibly the awesomest story ever.

SheA said...

you are quite possibly the GAYEST..I mean gayEST..GAYest person..evaH....*insert silly grin*

The Surprise Dyke said...

Shea--that's what I'm people are ever surprised when they find out I'm a big gay I'll never understand. Straightening my hair and wearing makeup is like gay camo.