Thursday, November 24, 2011


It's Thanksgiving and thus here is my obligatory "thankful" post. All last week I educated the children on the history of Thanksgiving-how it was nearly lost and the only reason we celebrate is because Sarah Hale worked for over 35 years to make it a national holiday, how the Macy's parade began and how they released the balloons at the end of the parade until 1927 when some genius decided to catch it with a plane and nearly killed know, the important stuff. This year has brought me a lot to be thankful for-the ability to marry my wife, finally living in our home, our family members we have loved and lost and jobs we still have despite our crappy economy. Yesterday, after swallowing much pride, I went to the store and bought this:
A folding cane. Overall, I have good mobility and little muscle weakness, but lately is a different story-massive headaches, muscle weakness, pain, pain, pain. My right side has been KILLING me, and there are days I could barely walk down the hall. It took enormous strength to decide to buy one-it was like buying a cane was admitting defeat to my body. I have doctor's appointment next month and am on the wait list for an earlier one. I would not be surprised if he scans my brain again, or if there is new swelling/damage. I've been using the cane around the house and it has made a difference, but it's still hard-physically and emotionally. Today, I'm thankful it's temporary and that I am not completely dependent on it...yet. I am also very thankful that we decided to move to this house, this relapse has reminded me just how grateful I am for one story living.


Erin said...

You sound like a wonderful teacher!

I am sorry you are having a relapse and the wait for an appointment is so long. Did they put you on an oral corticosteroid regimen or doing home infusion IV steroids to try and control the symptoms? Sorry, just curious. I hope you feel better soon! I'll keep you in my thoughts and send a lot of positive vibes your way!

The Surprise Dyke said...

Erin-I'm waiting to get in touch with my doctor, their office is closed for the holiday and he was out of town before that. I'm hoping to get him to write a script for the oral corticosteriod because it's just easier than the home infusion and I don't have to take off work. Thanks for the positive vibes!

8thdayplanner said...

I am not sure how I stumbled on to your blog.

Lately my body has begun to fail me in ways I am having difficulty adjusting to so I think I understand your feelings. I will be sending warm and healing energy your way.

Erin said...

Hopefully he can call you in a script to try and minimize the symptoms until your appointment? Sometimes doctors will do that for patients to hold them over until their appointment time. Sorry I just got done covering corticosteroids, home infusion, pain, starting lupus and stuff and find it more interesting than I should I think. I'm sure you would ask your pharmacist anyways- but make sure you get counseled on taking oral steroids. I've had it pounded into me in several courses.

I hope you are at least feeling a little better!

The Surprise Dyke said...

Erin-He did write in the script and the nurse told me if my vision doesn't get better in a few days to call back and they will set me up with the on-call before my appointment. I've done this steroid pack before and it helped fix my vision last time-hopefully it works again!

The Surprise Dyke said...

8thdayplanner-Thank you for the warm and healing energy and I hope you enjoy my blog!